Rangers AGM verdict as fans have say over meeting

Rangers AGM verdict as fans have say over meeting
Chairman John Bennett at Edmiston House for 2023 AGM.

Rangers’ AGM has been and gone, and Rangers fans have been chewing over how they feel about the answers given by the board members, and overwhelmingly appear to have deemed this wasn’t a satisfactory performance by the powers-that-be with chairman John Bennett doing particularly badly up on stage.

In fairness, the shareholders present took a long enough time to ask a half-pressing question, and the mass audience following on from afar wasn’t generally impressed by what seemed like evasive waffle from Bennett and co and planted sycophants in the audience who asked wet questions without much clout.

It wasn’t until the injury issue arose that a more pressing poser appeared, and the answer, left to Philippe Clement, was pretty rubbish, frankly.

The subway loyal and statement FC answers have been totally ridiculed by most fans, and while many would accept he was arguably ‘telling the truth’ it’s being seen as unprofessional, and a touch counter-productive to slaughter the supporters, any of them.

There was of course the accounts question – a question was asked about why the numbers in the accounts don’t seem to quite add up, and in truth, Bennett made a hash of his answer.

He simply said there was a £10.5M hole in the accounts, a shortfall of loss through player trading, and this club would sort that out.

That was about the extent of his answer. It answered nothing, evaded the issue, and screamed of a suit waffling jargon and convincing few.

The numbers aren’t great, and Ibrox Noise was on record as saying so – that in fact we’ve made a loss in the last year of around £4.9M, despite all the big funding coming in.

There’s no response from the suits about this at all.

Many have also pointed to Bennett refusing to answer critical questions about the substandard squad, but happily taking pot shots at supporters instead.

We will say this:

Had Rangers beaten Aberdeen 10 days ago, and had a better night v Aris, this AGM would have been more clement, pun not intended. A lot of the feel-good factor has been lost, and this was verging on the Beale era for toxicity – there is little denying Clement’s honeymoon is over, and the climate at this AGM reflected that.

With Rangers not closing the gap on Celtic last weekend, there’s an unease again at Rangers, and while many will praise the work done on the men at the top, once again fans aren’t exactly in love with the board following a rather poor performance.

It doesn’t matter how good the board might be, Rangers need to win matches. And just one win in the last 3 isn’t what supporters want. And not being in the title race isn’t either.

Fix that, and the fans will give ‘issues’ in the club’s running a lot more slack.

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