Kevin van Veen changes his mind on Rangers transfer

Kevin van Veen changes his mind on Rangers transfer
NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 28: Kevin van Veen of Scunthorpe United walks from the pitch dejected after being shown a red card during the Sky Bet League Two match between Northampton Town and Scunthorpe United at PTS Academy Stadium on January 28, 2020 in Northampton, England. (Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images)

Former Motherwell striker Kevin van Veen has resorted to talking ‘b*ll*cks’ after denying he wanted to leave Groningen and now wants to remain in Holland, amid some lingering previous interest from Rangers.

The 32-year-old spoke barely a week ago about how much he wanted to leave the Dutch second division side and return to Scotland:

“Of course I would listen to Motherwell because I had a successful time there. But last season my agent told me there was definitely interest in me from Rangers, though at my age I maybe don’t fit their profile. I had a lot of happy times in Scotland and I’d never rule out more.”

And now he’s completely done an ‘about turn’ on that one:

“Maybe Groningen wants to get rid of me. That’s right, there is quite a lot of interest. But I never indicated that I wanted to leave. But Groningen may want to get rid of me, since I was a major purchase. But if it is up to me, I want to succeed here, and not leave this club and not leave this club without having done what I would have liked to do. But on the other hand, it concerns a lot of people who have to make that decision in winter I think.”

If ever a footballer was spouting out of his backside to the press, this might just be it. One minute he wants to return to the SPL, to Motherwell, or a nod to Rangers, next minute he’s talking claptrap about his club and making claims he wants to stay.

His only good spell in football at any top level was indeed last season with Motherwell, he is so far below Rangers Standard it’s painful to see. He’s not even shining in Holland’s second tier.

While we previously said we’d trust Philippe Clement to select Popeye the Sailor Man up front if that was his choice, there are certainly limitations and we highly doubt Clement would be interested in this guy anyway.

Not that he wants to leave now, anyway…

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