Ibrox Noise under attack – truth from fiction

Ibrox Noise under attack – truth from fiction
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 26: Todd Cantwell of Rangers gets taken down in the box by the keeper, penalty to Rangers follows during the pre-season friendly match between Rangers and Olympiacos at Ibrox Stadium on July 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise was slightly amused when we were informed by our sources that a Rangers rumour site was attacking us, so naturally we had to have a little look at what they were on about.

Apparently, according to the poster, someone called ‘Steven McGinn’ was writing fiction about Todd Cantwell and claiming the lad was going to be sold, so we looked a little into this McGinn chap, when all we could find were radio quotes of Falkirk captain ‘Stephen McGinn’ being quoted from a radio show suggesting Cantwell has struggled this season and might not be a Clement favourite. Not unreasonable, many fans have said the same. It was just his opinion, whoever he is.

That was about the extent of what we could find on his ‘unsubstantiated’ fiction and ‘attack’ on Cantwell – this was what the poster was calling a disgrace, lacking in substance, and that the ‘writer’ had no contacts or evidence behind his sources and claims. You know, for a wee opinion on the radio… not sure who’s ‘writing’ anything but there you go.

Next thing we know we see that indeed our source was right and we, Ibrox Noise, were being slaughtered, because this guy (McGinn?) apparently writes for Ibrox Noise – news to us, we still don’t really know who this site was on about and there’s no one here by that name.

Then we see something about someone boasting someone has their own ‘clickbait’ site, but we dunno, we were tuning out from this utter slavering drivel by this point.

What we DID spot was McGinn, the current Falkirk captain, being quoted on Ibrox News via this radio interview – yes, not us, Noise, but News, the genuine nonsense clickbait site run in the name of Rangers only and has no interest in what’s good for our club. The article in question was being penned by a ‘Dan Carter’ – is that who was the target for the attack? Who knows…

And this wouldn’t be the first time Ibrox Noise has been caught in the crosshairs of people slaughtering News and being completely unable to tell the difference between both sites.

Because, as we all know, ‘Rangers Review’ and ‘Rangers On Tour’ are easy to mix up as well, right?

Yes, there’s an amusing lack of coherence where Ibrox Noise has been absolutely ridiculed by all and sundry, because they can’t tell that the utter piffle coming from the Ibrox News site is a completely separate and unrelated thing run by aggregators and paid content writers. We are very much by the fans and for the fans, and our Facebook audience, which grows constantly, appears to appreciate that.

So we get an absolute tonne of abuse for stuff we haven’t actually done. Fair enough if punters are having a go at our content, we’re big boys and girls on the site, we can take it on the chin if someone doesn’t agree with a piece. But attacking us for someone else’s nonsense?! Marvellous.

What we do know is the sensible audience we have knows who we are and what we do, and these other sites can slaughter us for other sites’ trash if they want.

But every now and then, we will just put out a piece like this to remind you that we are not Ibrox News and ‘Steven McGinn’ does not write for us!

But we’re sure if you have a couple of brain cells you already know that….

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