Celtic shamed again as Rangers prepare for Europa League Aris

Celtic shamed again as Rangers prepare for Europa League Aris
ROME, ITALY - NOVEMBER 28: Ciro Immobile of SS Lazio scores a opening goal during the UEFA Champions League match between SS Lazio and Celtic FC at Stadio Olimpico on November 28, 2023 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Marco Rosi - SS Lazio/Getty Images)

Celtic’s humiliation in this season’s Champions League sums up a few things – the gulf between Scottish teams and the true cream of Europe, the embarrassment of getting a 7-year head start from Rangers in 2012 and having all that money and still being unable to do a single thing with it at that level…

And it also brings notably into context Rangers’ diabolical campaign last season – true, Celtic haven’t conceded as many, but they scored only one more this time than Rangers’ shambles last term despite having had their own dire UCL last season to learn from.

Rangers might have had the single-worst Champions League campaign in history, which is not surprising in from the cold after 11 years and having James Sands and Leon King at the back, but Celtic are officially the worst-ever Champions League team overall, having not won for 15 consecutive fixtures and having absolutely the worst manager in the entire competition’s history.

Yes, petty isn’t it – let’s have a competition to see who’s more/less garbage at this level.

As a Rangers group, as a Rangers page and site, it’s funny to enjoy our ‘glorious’ rivals humiliate themselves on the big stage time and time again, hilarious to hear John Hartson’s tears as another Euro side gub his lot. It’s Schadenfreude and why shouldn’t it be?

We are not going to shy away from the point-scoring and rivalry side of football – it’s the whole point, and the sanctimony of those snowflakes in our fanbase who refuse to and want to silence others having fun by ‘pointing out our own flaws’ is pathetic.

But on a more serious note, how abysmal Celtic have been this season, with all the money in the world, just like last term, at this level.

Two rotten managers in a row with supposedly ‘fast-flowing dynamic football’ but who just leave the door naively open for a half-decent side to raid (not everyone is as bad as Luton, Angie)…

Of course, what really matters to Rangers is Aris tomorrow night – our exploits in the Europa League are earning Scotland all the coefficient points yet again, and primarily having a good result at home to the Cypriots under Clement is the priority.

But it’s really feeble how Scotland’s two giants are so staggeringly poor at the top table of European football now, and the gap is only widening.

Europa and Conference is our level – until Rangers have a ‘Rangers Standard’ team again, we shouldn’t be aiming any higher than that.

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