70,000 capacity Ibrox and Walter Smith statue for Rangers

70,000 capacity Ibrox and Walter Smith statue for Rangers
The recent fan forum at Edmiston House (Credit Rangers FC)

Ibrox Noise is yet to cover the recent fan forum, a massive improvement on the pathetic lack of engagement from previous boards, with the current incumbents, led by CEO James Bisgrove, now much more actively involving fans with the processes at Rangers and particularly the plans.

In this entry we’re going to take a bitesize look at the main talking points from the recent chat that took place at Edmiston House:

One of the big issues was Ibrox’s capacity. We’ve discussed this before, the logistical issues which surround trying to make Ibrox bigger. They’re massive, literally. Because it’s a listed building, there really are gigantic limits on what the club can actually do to expand, but Bisgrove did confirm he and the club are looking into every possibility they can to find a way to make more seats.

Problem is, logistically, engineeringly, and generally feasibly none of the options he’s offered are remotely realistic. He and the club are really trying, but we don’t hear any plan that is viable to safely expand the capacity of the club to the fabled 60,000+, even if club propaganda is trying to persuade us it could reach 70.

We just don’t buy it. We’d love to see it, be proven wrong by the gurus, but can’t quite see any way to do it, and the ones suggested scream of lip service and pipe dreams. They want to, don’t get us wrong, and they will try their hardest to make it happen, but we just can’t see it happening.

The other big story is of course a long-awaited update on the statue of Sir Walter, and the board has confirmed it will be unveiled next year, with estimates being earlier rather than later. A statue of this gravity is a massive and expensive commission and we’d not put a deadline or pressure on when it’s ready. It’s ready when it’s ready. What we do not want is a farce like the ridiculous Ronaldo bust from some years back.

And last but not least an improvement in disabled facilities and access, with a cantilever proposed – that will look interesting to say the least and the logistics getting that in place will be challenging.

But the big two, the statue and capacity…

One is happening. One… might.

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