Rangers deny Fabrizio Romano’s Sam Jewell claim

Rangers deny Fabrizio Romano’s Sam Jewell claim
Sam Jewell, Head of Recruitment at Brighton.

We wanted to follow up on yesterday’s story about Brighton’s Head of Recruiment Sam Jewell and the story Fabrizio Romano broke about Rangers’ approach to secure him as Technical Director.

Heart and Hand have denied this, but the club’s official media partner chose their words very carefully – they simply said ‘Rangers have said there is no truth in the Sam Jewell story’ rather than their own assertion that ‘this isn’t true’ or ‘we can confirm this is false’.


Because Rangers are careful about what information is leaked out to media partners and how it is leaked out.

Romano, who we have never seen get a single scoop wrong ever, has claimed the story has legs, that we have approached Jewell.

Rangers, through H&H, claim it isn’t true, or more than the ‘Sam Jewell story’ isn’t true.

Now, we have to urge caution here – we have seen H&H occasionally get things wrong, an obvious summer one was Ben Davies being sold. When Romano says things Rangers-related, they’re right, 100%. We’re yet to see him make a mistake.

But H&H are not quite that infallible. So they have put out a comment with a very deliberately-worded comment about Jewell, not saying it’s false, saying ‘Rangers say this is false’.

It’s a good double bluff.

What we suspect is that Rangers have made overtures towards Jewell, and he has probably said no, and in truth we’re not surprised, given the position he’s in, the position Brighton are in and the fact Romano already said he was reluctant to make the move to Rangers based on his and Brighton’s high current stock.

We might be the much bigger club but Brighton are currently England’s jewel club, if you pardon the pun.

And they remain comfortably in the Premier League which is hard to give up – so it was an ambitious attempt which has probably failed, and Rangers are probably right to say he’s not coming, because he probably isn’t.

Que sera.

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