Some Rangers fans want to give Michael Beale ‘a chance’

Some Rangers fans want to give Michael Beale ‘a chance’
Michael Beale, under pressure and under fire....

Never before in the history of Rangers FC have we seen the phrase ‘give him a chance ffs’ used by such a significant number of fans in defence of a manager who is clearly out of his depth.

The ‘give him a chance ffs’ brigade are the wide-eyed often ‘holier-than-thou’ sanctimonious rabble who believe in blind faith and togetherness above reality and fact, and will slaughter anyone who dares to raise a voice of concern, criticism or worry.

The type who will back Ronald McDonald as Rangers manager if he’s the one the board pick, despite the fact the dude knows nothing about football.

Michael Beale is not that bad, let us not be utterly ridiculous, but he is clearly the wrong manager for Rangers FC and has been in the job almost a year with the club evidently going backwards, and yet even if he showed up in a Celtic shirt and yelled ‘up the ra’ these fans would still back him, and excuse or dismiss the bits they didn’t favour.

That’s the reality of it – for all the evidence staring us in the face that we have the wrong boss in charge of our club, the naysayers will continue to back him, to ‘support the manager ffs’ and punctuate every single objection to any criticism with a ‘ffs’.

There is nothing wrong with backing the manager of Rangers FC, whoever that is, be it Giovanni, Beale or indeed Ronald McDonald.

But doing so in the face of blatant evidence proving the guy is out of his depth and is taking the club in reverse, and as a constant retort to anyone making any concerned noises is, well, dumb.

It’s unproductive. Just aggressively telling someone to support something (or someone) they don’t believe in really doesn’t help the situation – it’s banal and sanctimonious.

It lacks critical thinking and is cult behaviour – to blindly support no matter what it is you’re facing.

So, give him a chance ffs? He’s had many, and failed every single one of them.

He’s not the man to take Rangers forward. But give him a chance!

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