Sam Lammers admits new signings are failing Rangers

Sam Lammers admits new signings are failing Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Sam Lammers of Rangers reacts after he rounds Joe Hart of Celtic only to miss during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at Ibrox Stadium on September 03, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Sam Lammers, who has by no means shone since coming to Rangers, has at least joined his manager in admitting the nonsense about ‘new signings needing time’ is just that, and these players should now be delivering, despite the fact they aren’t.

Lammers, who has been mostly poor, but with a big heart and occasional glimpse of ‘a bit about him’, revealed after the match that the new signings don’t ‘need more time’:

“Yes, we have played enough games already. We have had enough games as new players.”

It’s stating the obvious, of course, that the new signings don’t need more time, and that while some individuals will of course settle more slowly than others, that the team looks this bad approaching October is far from a reassuring sign.

Lammers is probably the most popular of all the fails. He is a fail, we’ll say that, but then a striker with 9 goals in 5 years for about 35 different clubs and sold at 25% of his original cost was never going to be a raging success.

But he is a bit more liked because he does work out there, he tries things, and Rangers fans appreciate work ethic and heart. This is why mad Fashion was a bit of a cult hero.

But he at least scored, and assisted. Lammers does very little of either.

Just because a player is more ‘likeable’ doesn’t mean he’s a success on the pitch in any way, and Lammers, like the rest, hasn’t been.

And at least he admits it.

Can he fix it?

Well, can you polish a turd? We’re not sure.

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  1. I really have to disagree , lammers trys things but never works . His passing is shocking & positional play is way off , He couldn’t hit a gaping gap….end of , the last 5 seasons tell us something about the man .
    We brought in Dessers , lammers & Dannilo , then let Colak go for next to nothing . Looking back we should have brought in Shankland to partner Colak . Those 3 are a complete waste of money . As for our manager having no balls to drop players . Lets get a proven winner as coach then move Tav forward as he’s no way a defender but does show up in more of a forward position & give Sterling, Balogun, Souttar & Borna time there .

      • I disagree the fact stated he had occasional glimpses & a big heart . In all honesty he’s clueless & doesn’t know what he’s doing , however neither do the majority of new signings ! That’s not just having a go at lammers that’s down to pish poor coaching aswel. 😢

        • But he has has glimpses, have you not seen him beating his man several times, hes struggling with goals yes, but we all knew tht even b4 we signed him hes not been prolific since his Herenveen days. But he does try and digs.

  2. I was pissing myself at IN reply to Kate . I sat for a few minutes and I couldn’t find any positives to say about any of the 3 Stoogees . Terrible eh

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