Michael Beale makes ‘dangerous’ Rangers claim about Europa League

Michael Beale makes ‘dangerous’ Rangers claim about Europa League
Will he start our predicted XI?

Michael Beale has given his strongest hint yet at an ‘exit’ from Rangers by suggesting nothing less than passage from this season’s Europa League group would be acceptable, which could be implying he will walk away from anything less than that.

Speaking at his pre-Real Betis press conference, Rangers’ manager was pinning his mast very, very firmly to the ‘progress’ angle and stating his side ‘will’ progress to the knock out stage and anything less than that will not be tolerated.

He said:

“Listen it’s a competitive group but we’re expected to get out of it. I think we should be looking to get out of this group, yeah.”

This is pretty clear – while he is not stating explicitly that he will quit if Rangers do not progress, he has made a very big rod for his own back by being clear that the 100% expectation is to get out of the group.

And the thing is, because of his team’s dire showings this season, including being obliterated by PSV who are being utterly crushed by Arsenal at the time of writing (which we suggested would be the case) Rangers fans don’t actually generally share Beale’s ‘expectations’.

We’re up against Betis, Aris and Prague, and not a single team in there do Rangers supporters feel especially confident facing. We know how tough the Czechs are, Betis will be group favourites, and Aris are not a walkover either.

So Beale’s demands are very interesting indeed – it sounds like he’s offering an expectation he cannot hope to deliver on.

Best case we think is dropping down to the Conference League by finishing third, because our hopes are a lot less than Beale’s apparent expectations.

We’ll see a lot better against Betis where Beale’s ransacked squad sits against a quality side.

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  1. That teams going nowhere in europe so it looks like he’l be off
    Just not good enough sadly based on recent performances
    Canny even beat a dud septic team so hows he gonna perform in europe get real
    Better out the fkn thing aynyway n focus on the league this season priority🫡

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