Ibrox Noise – the ‘pro-Celtic’ Rangers site, apparently

Ibrox Noise – the ‘pro-Celtic’ Rangers site, apparently
Rangers fans await kick off ahead of the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise takes absolute pride in being a bit ‘different’ from typical Rangers fan sites/pages/groups. We have no axe to grind with any other group, they have their content and their methods and those work for them and their audiences.

Ibrox Noise is the same – and we had to giggle when a critical article pointing out the miserable nature of Ben Davies at the back and his being assured of his place was smeared based on a stat that alongside Connor Goldson at the back he’s never lost a single Rangers match.

We’ll get into that stat in a second (which comes from the same people who brought you pro-Jon McLaughlin stats about win records under him during 55) but what amused us the most was the ‘you’re tims’ or ‘this site is pro-Celtic’ accusations.

We get that a lot – yeah, we’ve been running Ibrox Noise since 2011 and have dedicated our lives to Rangers, making them as good as we can from the position that we are in, holding shares in them and many of our people being season ticket holders, while holding Rangers accountable when they’re not good enough, because we are Celtic fans. Makes sense, right?

One guy was so vehement about this he typed in capitals. Serious, then.

No, we’ve looked into this stat about Davies, and the facts behind it are a bit more telling.

He’s never lost when starting next to Goldson, that is true – but he’s also never beaten Celtic beside Goldson either.

Now unless we’re mistaken, that’s the one we measure our players and managers on, not beating St Mirren and Livi? We’re having a big go at Michael Beale for not beating Celtic, but some fans want to defend Davies who never has either?

See, Davies is not a diabolical defender, just an ordinary one, but John Souttar clearly is a much better option, and the idea that Goldson, Tavernier and Davies is the rearguard going forward really isn’t the Hutton, Weir and Cuellar days now is it?

But us as tims for saying that? You have a right to say it, and we have a right to remove you for it, because it really is the laziest and most insulting way to object to an opinion you disagree with.

Ibrox Noise has almost 100,000 social media followers, we have millions of readers, we’re Rangers investors as well, and we accept not all of our audience will agree with every ounce of content we put out, but you’d have to be a new level of dumb to think we favour the ‘other side’ and want them to win.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. It’s more than unfortunate that everytime you or I and people like us call out the Famous for the right reasons the usual blind faith bunch who when talking this you’re a Tim pish give out the same slash. I like some of thier passion but in most cases they are always wrong . We are in such a mess thanks to Beales Alchemy but so are the other lot if you watched that poor performance last night the only difference being the large wedge of cash they now have in the bank hopefully ready to pay out in full damages whilst also having to really admit full liability for the paedophile disgrace.

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