How Michael Beale COULD turn it around at Rangers

How Michael Beale COULD turn it around at Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 13: Michael Beale, Head Coach of Rangers FC, looks on prior to the Cinch Premiership match between Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox Stadium on May 13, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We’ve been harsh on Michael Beale on Ibrox Noise the past few days and even weeks. We only want the best for Rangers, and whether we are right or wrong that that probably isn’t the former assistant, there is one thing worth remembering:

Michael Beale gave up the Premier League and Wolves for us, this was 100% his dream job, and it is unravelling horribly in front of him – Michael Beale will be absolutely dying inside right now.

This was the job he wanted, to be Rangers manager, having loved the club so much from his 18-21 days – he loyally went with Steven Gerrard due to owing his boss his loyalty, but he didn’t actually want to leave Rangers.

And so when the chance came up to take over in his own right a year later, yes, Michael Beale absolutely ran at the chance. Maybe a little over eager, as the undermining of Giovanni did seem, but yes, he jumped at the opportunity.

His dream job, to manage the Famous, a place where his kids had grown up and where he would love to succeed.

So no one is hurting more right now than Beale, and while we’re harsh on Ibrox Noise about ‘failure’ and suchlike, we’re also people, with emotions, and with empathy, and we completely understand how horrible he’s feeling at the moment.

Ibrox Noise’s Ross offered a bunch of ways Michael Beale can possibly turn this around, and we even demonstrated he’s statistically the best Rangers manager ever!

We would much rather Beale QUICKLY sussed his errors out over these next two weeks. We’d rather he speaks to a lot of Rangers-minded people, maybe even checking out polls like those Ibrox Noise have run in order to gauge fan feeling about players and systems.

The point is, he’s out of touch right now, and if he was to be guided by someone who had a clue, it would be infinitely preferable.

Michael Beale probably thinks fans love James Tavernier and Connor Goldson. This is the kind of stuff he’s so tone deaf on.

Can he turn it around?

We don’t know. We know he’s suffering his dream collapsing right now, and we know he does want the best for the club.

But his judgement in achieving it has been so poor – can he be guided on the right path inside two weeks?

For his and Rangers’ future under him, we hope so.

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