“Can hold his head high – 8” Rangers rated v Real Betis

“Can hold his head high – 8” Rangers rated v Real Betis
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 21: Ben Davies of Rangers celebrates after the team's first goal, scored by Abdallah Sima (not pictured) during the UEFA Europa League 2023/24 match between Rangers FC and Real Betis at Ibrox Stadium on September 21, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers secured a massive win in the Europa League tonight courtesy of the messiest but no less valuable goal you’re likely to see.

Ibrox Noise rates our lads on the night:


A big show from him, this is the Servette Butland at his best. Some big saves, some big claims, and dominated his box. Wasn’t ever close to being really beaten in this one. He was very good. 8


Defensively exposed a lot in the first half, because Betis used Ezzalzouli and Iglesias on that side to good effect, but he tightened up big time in the second half even if his passing wasn’t the best. Got a few crosses in and in the end he can happy enough with his performance. 7


He actually had a very clean match – he’s very comfortable in this competition at this level and it shows – lots of clearances and good reading of play, Goldson did little wrong tonight. 8


Did he get a touch? Who cares. Wasn’t very heavily involved defensively, but his passing was excellent and he rarely wasted any, and he played a big role in the goal. For the hate he gets, including from Ibrox Noise, he can hold his head high here. 8


He was good. As weak as he seems to be, 5 clearances and 3 tackles show how defensively solid he was. Passing, like Tavernier, was weak, but his crossing was excellent and he pinged many good ones in. 8


Was a bit lost out there in patches – a bright first 10 minutes but he faded and took a while to regain his footing. He’s not quite clicked in this team yet, but there is no denying the boy’s quality. He’s a very good player, just needs to find his path – joint-best passing in the whole side. 7


A decent showing from Lunny, another one who took a while to get going but didn’t really do a lot wrong. Defensive and offensively solid and passing was extremely tidy. 7


Schizophrenic from Sima (who seems to be the new Sakala), even if he managed a couple of shots and quite a few key passes as well as winning balls in the air – he falls short of quality overall but hey he was right place right time to bundle home the winner and individually has significant moments – that cross was outstanding. He’s scored a big goal in Europe again. And that’s a 7


Wasteful when he was clean through, and that knocked him a bit. Managed more shots after that but they were all wild, and while he did manage some good running with the ball, he didn’t really deliver. He could have had a great night if he’d nailed that goal. 6


Brushed the post, but passing wasn’t the best and he didn’t really influence this match. 6


Technically got a barely-intended assist, but he was otherwise a bit subdued and not involved enough. Passing was poor. 6



We mocked his arrival, but fair play to him for playing a big role in the goal, even if his passing rate was pitiful. 3 shots and 2 key passes was an influential cameo. 7

None of the other subs are worth a major mention but they all helped steady the ship, particularly Jack.


Started with a weak centred team, and if Real Betis had taken the chances they had, they’d have been fairly out of sight, but they didn’t. It was a poor and tedious first half, but his words in the dressing room did the trick and the second 45 was a big improvement and a proper European Rangers Europa League performance. A bit of luck ridden, but Beale’s team did the job for him and his subs this time around made a difference. Is he starting to learn? He just beat Manuel Pellegrini and Real Betis. Not an easy task. 8

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