Barry Ferguson backtracks on Michael Beale and Rangers

Barry Ferguson backtracks on Michael Beale and Rangers
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 29: Blackpool manager Barry Ferguson during the Sky Bet Championship match between Queens Park Rangers and Blackpool at Loftus Road on March 29, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images)

Only a month or so after receiving Ibrox Noise’s praise for his take on the pressures and expectations of Rangers, Barry Ferguson has undone all that good work by defending Michael Beale and saying he’s the right man to take the club forward.

To see what Barry said about Rangers and what it means, check out our previous entry here, but sadly the ex-captain, who we do have time for, has undermined all of that by arguing Beale is the right man, or at least not denying that he is.

Speaking on Go Radio, some punter called in and demanded Beale go. Barry didn’t agree:

Derek: “The manager’s got to resign, there can be no excuses today. And Barry ‘the cheerleader’ Ferguson, never mind defending this man tonight. This man should resign and take the 12 duds along with him…”

Barry Ferguson: “Derek, what’s this about cheerleader?”

D: “Well you constantly try and back the manager! When was the last time he won a key game?”

BF: “You’re four games into a season and you’re wanting a manager out?”

D: “Don’t make excuses Barry! You’re four points behind a rubbish Celtic team, the man should resign if he has any dignity!”

BF: “I totally disagree with you, I totally disagree with you. And I’m allowed my opinion. How am I a cheerleader for him?”

D: “It’s football and entertainment but it’s absolute dross that we’re watching.”

BF: “Don’t say I’m a cheerleader, Derek.”

D: “Yes you are.”

BF: “You’re talking absolute nonsense mate.”

Paul Cooney: “Derek take a deep breath”.

BF: “No don’t let him take a deep breath, he’s talking absolute nonsense, that’s what he’s talking.”

Barry, the same guy who demanded the best, demanded we understand what it is to be Rangers and how much we expect from our managers and players, is the one defending Beale and demanding he keep his job despite the season we’re clearly having?

It’s a dichotomy alright, he can’t very well castrate his former playing buddies who didn’t understand the gravity of Rangers’ demands and pressures, while defending a guy who’s not delivering them?

Very, very odd.

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  1. Firstly, what Barry took issue with was being called a cheerleader when he is happy to criticise things he disagrees with. He had already pointed out that your most expensive buy sitting on the bench is an indictment.
    Secondly, he said that the time to sack Beale or any manager is not 4 games into the season and I agree. Do we really think a different manager can get a tune out of those players? Beale arrived in November, give him another 6 weeks. Still time for a new manager to identify needs before January window.

  2. TBF , including pre season its won 5 , drawn 3 & lost 5 . If we give this another 6 weeks , it’s highly likely that we could be out of cup & drop more points in league given the record up to now . Then it’s playing catch up until May 2024 .

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