“Worst performance – 4” Rangers players rated v Morton

“Worst performance – 4” Rangers players rated v Morton
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 19: Rabbi Matondo of Rangers runs through on goal during the Viaplay Cup match between Rangers FC and Greenock Morton FC at Ibrox Stadium on August 19, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

No beating about the bush, Michael Beale got another Rangers team wrong and the players had another absolute shocker as the home side ran out eventual 2-1 winners v Morton thanks to a penalty and a piece of individual quality from substitute Danilo.

Ibrox Noise takes you through the ratings for the players on a very poor day for the Famous.


This was by a mile his worst performance – punctuated by a fresh air swipe when he came for a claim he didn’t have to. He had no cohesion with his defence and was subdued. Didn’t make a single save of note. 4


Done a disservice by his manager who expected him to play the Tavernier role, ergo had to spend most of his time in the opposition half as a RW. Looked uncomfortable with his position and was ineffective – he’s not an attacker. 4


Caught a few times, and for the captain-on-the-day he exuded zero authority. Made few tackles and looked exposed. Usual Goldson. 4


Worst we’ve ever seen him play as a Rangers player. George Oakley ate him for breakfast and his tone for the afternoon was set when an early pass out wide saw him practically fall as he made it. Telling his partner wasn’t Souttar, but the useless Goldson. Won a penalty but was it really one? 3


Made a couple of big tackles, Rangers’ best defender by an absolute mile – did well at LB and read things around himself impressively. 6


One blooter over the bar, but as usual Lundstram slowed things down too much in the middle and looks a shadow of his old self now. 4


Clearly didn’t enjoy the role Beale gave him here, and was quiet – seemed to be more of a winger than anything else, backing up Sterling. Neither player was comfortable with the switch. 5


Good free kick drawing a save from McDonald, but otherwise another subdued performance from a player unsure of the system. 5


The brightest attacking spot in the side – he tried to make a lot happen, and he got on the ball plenty. Not everything came off, but his hunger was clear. A lot of good touches, and beat a few men, but let down by his team mates a bit. 6


Unnoticeable. He’s been a truly poor signing thus far. 4


It wasn’t a penalty he gave away, but he took well the one he got. Funny thing, he looks a lot like Tav, takes a pen like Tav, and gives nothing else to the team. Like Tav. 5



Made no impact. 4


Had a good run, and his deflected shot was saved by McDonald. 5


Modest impact with one good shot and one wildly missed one. 5


Won the match alone, with a fine dribble and potentially deflected final shot. 7

Adam Devine

Helped to give the side some shape as Beale tried to protect the lead. 6


Michael Beale made another mess of a Rangers team, giving it a bizarre shape and no cohesion. His player selections continue to baffle, and aren’t really helping him, while his major sub Danilo won the match for him. He’s quite honestly a weird manager, but end of the day, we’re through to the next round. This team may struggle massively v PSV though. 6

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  1. This was awful and so embarrassing.
    Beale picked completely the wrong team .It looked like nobody knew what to do or where to be . Dressers is so poor , slow and predictable. Lammers is lost and pointless. Goldson did his usual exposing those around him shocking. Matonda and Sima are a waste of time and a jersey. I’m sick of excuses and time to gel bullshit . What is the point of all these players we have for no reason they get wages for being there nothing else ffs . Lundstram completly done too slow and ineffective. I fear the worse for this season .

  2. Dessers goal should never have been chopped off, what happened to VAR for that one? If it stood, he still deserved no more than a 5, Morelos became a lazy fat useless waste of space, how does Beale see him as an upgrade?!
    Never a penalty either, Baloguns thrown himself for a tap in at the back post, Broadfoot had a hold of his top aye, but that’s not why he went down! Just seen Garnacho have a shot blocked by a raised hand in the Spurs game that was ruled out by VAR, so I don’t even know wtf a penalty is these days!!

  3. The UB’s were great entertainment the match however was a high speed car crash. I would give Hagi a 6 as he and Danilo made a difference. Danilo’s movement was better. Matondo did try to create some width but we were severely lacking any creativity in the midfield.
    Beale well he gets a 4 as it was wrong team wrong setup.
    We lacked pace nobody really had a clue what they were supposed to be doing.
    I’m still hoping someone can tell me wtf this 4-3-3 is all about its useless. We play 3 Forwards but theres not enough players in midfield to give them any service, we are not stretching the opposition therefore it’s easy to close our players down. Beale really needs to rethink this and fast because we struggle today against Morton, forgetting for a moment about PSV we’ve hot Septic in a couple of weeks and on this performance they will destroy us without breaking a sweat.
    If it’s all about team needing to Gel then surely today would have been an ideal time to give his strongest Xl another’s chance to do exactly that and Gel. 💙💙

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