Rangers overcame a rotten Servette – more is definitely needed

Rangers overcame a rotten Servette – more is definitely needed
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 26: Michael Beale manager of Rangers looks on during the pre-season friendly match between Rangers and Olympiacos at Ibrox Stadium on July 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

We need to put a little bit of context into Rangers’ result in Switzerland – in this article we detail just how rotten our opponent actually was, and how poor Rangers’ first half in Geneva and second half in Glasgow actually was.

There are two ways to look at this – that the team isn’t gelling yet, 8 matches into this season (inc friendlies), and yet still found a way to get past our Swiss opponent despite our performance being patchy at best.

Or that they were a dreadful opponent and we really need to step up much better v PSV if we’re to have even an ounce of hope next week?

Bit of both, really.

Rangers are not quite there yet – the attack remains poor, with a real lack of understanding and cohesion, and yet all of them have scored – Sima, Danilo, Lammers and Dessers are all off the mark.

But the midfield is excellent. Michael Beale, for all his faults, and he has a few, has made the best Rangers midfield since Walter Smith. Obviously the bar isn’t super high but this midfield is better than 55’s. Cifuentes, Raskin and Cantwell together is absolutely outstanding, and Ryan Jack, when he’s in some form, is great depth.

Which leaves defence, that nightmare at the back – Beale’s weakness is and will always be the same one every Rangers manager has had since James Tavernier signed – selecting him, and later, Connor Goldson.

We could have Maldini and Baresi on the left and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will always undermine everything on the other side. Even if one of them then waddles up the other end to repair his own damage by scoring.

So it’s a strange mish-mash of brilliance, and farce. And a badly misfiring attack.

Overall Michael Beale has made a strange mix of a Rangers team – a forward line with no cohesion, a mesmerising midfield, and half of a great defence, when he chooses to select it.

The problem here is too many weaknesses, too many holes to plug, and a team of the calibre of PSV or Celtic will be able to find them.

Thanks to Jack Butland, Servette finding them didn’t help them too much.

But PSV and the other lot will be a different prospect entirely.

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  1. Our defence is going to cost Beale his job just like others before him, to keep playing Tav &Goldson is sheer stupidity, everyone and their granny can see it, so why can’t Beale, both players, not a single bid for either of them over the years tells its own story, and they co tinue to be an anchor round our neck, it really is time to get rid of them anyway we can as they will cost us 3 trophies this season

  2. For me Tavernier and Goldson are the 1st two names on the team-sheet. They are legends of our football club and it seems will only be truly appreciated once they are gone.

  3. I sit in between the previous 2 comments. I think that history may be kinder to them than some feel, but I would happily take decent money for either/both. I think we could find better for little money. I do not understand why successive managers rate them so highly. Having said that, all these managers have forgotten more about football than I will ever know. So they must see something.

  4. Would 100% sell both, would even let them go on cheap to free wages up. Servettes goal was some finish bur if u look at Tav and Gold turning there back and shutting there eyes during the shot, positioning was rubbish too.

  5. Tav & Goldson are now calamitous and it’s time the supporters but even more importantly the Manager realized it, sadly he is the only one who can do anything about until he does we are always going to make it difficult for ourselves. 💙💙

  6. The Tav Goldson issue will as Jak49 says wil cost us Ive been saying it for ages. Any decent coach will see the weakness. I fear for our season if they keep their places.

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