Some Rangers fans are shocked by £3.5M striker as Beale moves in

Some Rangers fans are shocked by £3.5M striker as Beale moves in
GENOA, ITALY - APRIL 08: Sam Lammers of Sampdoria reacts with disappointment during the Serie A match between UC Sampdoria and US Cremonese at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on April 8, 2023 in Genoa, Italy. (Photo by Simone Arveda/Getty Images)

Regulars to Ibrox Noise know that while we’re delighted with Jack Butland, the captures of Kieran Dowell and Dujon Sterling have left us a bit underwhelmed.

Well, it’s the latter we’re more concerned about when it comes to Rangers’ confirmed interest in Atalanta’s Dutch striker Sam Lammers.

We’ve already had a look at his career and numbers, and there’s a very good reason they ditched him out on loan to Sampdoria who just got relegated to Serie B.

The last time he scored a significant number of goals was four years ago, for Heerenveen, and in the subsequent seasons he’s been a complete failure. We’re not going to mince our words, aged 26 as he now is he’s been poor in all forms of football, with an abysmal 9 goals and 3 assists in essentially four years.

He’s been with a pile of different clubs, PSV, Eintracht, Atalanta, Sampdoria and Empoli and hasn’t impressed at any of them, hence his ‘nowhere’ status in football as things stand.

Now, there’s a huge caveat to all this; from 2016 to 2019 he was electric in the Eredivisie and appeared to have the world at his feet – he starred for PSV and Heerenveen and was scoring for fun.

But it’s tailed off terribly and we’re not quite sure why Michael Beale is interested in him. Do we really want to take a big financial gamble on a striker who’s painfully short on form and confidence?

Or is this a Michael Beale genius move where he’s going to resurrect his brilliance from years ago and turn him back into the goalscoring machine he once was?

We do not know – we have little option but to trust Beale and his interest in this guy, just like we do with Dowell and Sterling, because end of the day he’s the manager.

But it’s confirmed we’re interested in him, and his career of nearly the last half decade doesn’t inspire fans at all from what we’ve seen – a lot of uncertainly about Lammers at best, especially given he’ll cost about £3.5M from what we understand.

It’s a strange one, a striker who used to be great but is rubbish now, to put an honest take on it.

If Beale is going to splash big cash then he’s taking a huge gamble with the club’s money that Lammers can recapture his old form.

Otherwise it’s bad news indeed.

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  1. This is a bad move going for this lad. If we are going to spend £3.5m why are we not trying to get Shankland he’s got 24 goals in 37 games ok 11 were penalties but he’s also scored 2 hatricks. Imagine Him & Cantwell running the show with Raskin providing them with the ball.
    Lammers is not who I would be spending money on. 💙💙

  2. Dowell is no cantwell or Raskin for starters . Stirling should do well . Gers need at least 2 strikers , but why go for someone like lammers when there must be a great opportunity to go for Lawrence Shankland for less money , would score more goals & is proven , also could try for Dykes as another option.

  3. On paper this guy doesn’t look good enough his stats are poor. Shankland and Stewart should be our targets .

    • I agree BlllB Shankland is a far better striker and we should be looking at the likes of him (his agent is same as Tav) his numbers this season have been great. I think he would flourish even more if he’s getting the service from our midfield, pair him up with Cantwell with Raskin providing support it’s a no brainer and chances are we would be paying similar to get.

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