Rangers: Michael Beale confirms intention to sell Ibrox midfielder

Rangers: Michael Beale confirms intention to sell Ibrox midfielder
Rangers' English striker Kemar Roofe (L) and Rangers' Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara (R) take part in a team training session at at the Rangers Training Centre in Milngavie, on October 11, 2022 on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group D football match against Liverpool. (Photo by Andy Buchanan / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Michael Beale’s recent comments on Glen Kamara were about as polite a **** off as we’ve ever seen from a Rangers manager about a player.

With what the boss said, he 99.9% ended Kamara’s career at Ibrox, and explained effectively the boy needs to go.

The big mystery is what has changed since between Beale became manager and extolled Kamara’s virtues, to present day where he appears to want to drive him to the airport fast as he can.

Looking back to last December:

“If the real Glen Kamara plays football, there will always be teams who want him. I watched back the game with Leipzig the other day and he gets a half-assist for the first goal in that game and scores the second, so I know how good Glen is. We have a fantastic relationship that goes back a long way and I’d always want him to be in a Rangers’ team I was coaching or watching. Some of the clubs that are after him in my opinion the best version of Glen is too good to play for them.”

And now:

“I think Glen is at a stage of his career at 27 where he is either going to be here now for the rest of his career and dig in and have a really strong pre-season. He is either going to be here for a considerable future or we will probably sell him this summer. When I came in he had an ankle problem he couldn’t get over. We kicked the operation into touch because we had a lot of injuries and Glen played through that for a period, then we gave him a chance to settle. He has not got back in the team because the boys that are playing have played very well. For Glen, everything is open really. But I think he needs to look at the competition that’s here in pre-season and decide whether there is going to be enough football for him.”

He also added:

“I think maybe he is one that has maybe been around here too long and maybe needs to re-bolt himself. I think he played 10 out of the first 11 games when I came here.”

So, in short, he’s one that’s ready to move on.

What’s basically happened here is the same as Kent and Morelos – Kamara has explained, behind the scenes, that he wants a change, and wants to move on, but unlike those two, wasn’t out of contract this summer.

And like both Kent and Morelos, as soon as the player explained to Beale he was ready to move on, the manager went negative on him.

Beale wants players who want to be at Rangers, and we do not blame him for that. And when a player shows that he doesn’t, this manager cuts them loose quite ruthlessly whether it’s emotionally, or via selection.

In Kamara’s case, Beale has dumped him completely, and it’s up to the Fin and his agent to find a new club.

Because he has absolutely no future at Ibrox and he wants away anyway.

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