Looking at new Rangers boy Dujon Sterling as RB arrives

Looking at new Rangers boy Dujon Sterling as RB arrives
Dujon puts pen to paper at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

Ibrox Noise has not yet covered Dujon Sterling, having only briefly touched on Kieran Dowell.

These are Rangers’ first summer signings, and we’re happy to go on record now and look stupid in the future (wouldn’t be the first time) by saying they’re average signings and no better than what we have. Arguably, they’re both significant downgrades.

Sterling is a Coventry reject, let’s not mince words, he is. He was deemed not good enough by a clutch of lower-league sides who took him on loan and who didn’t make the deal permanent – Stoke, Coventry and Wigan are just three of the sides who didn’t find themselves impressed by a player worth a modest £800,000.

So why we’ve moved for him we’re not too sure. He never made any Premier League appearances, falling well short of that, and if we’re looking for a player who will push James Tavernier, well, Dujon Sterling doesn’t scream at us as being a better option.

But of course, gems can be found this way – look at how Calvin Bassey ended up netting us £23M after being a Leicester ‘reject’, and we got Glen Kamara for £50K (who would once have netted us around £15M but it just didn’t happen). Joe Aribo too came from the lower leagues.

So just because Sterling’s CV is far, far from ‘sterling’ doesn’t mean this isn’t a shrewd signing of a player ready to finally hit the big time. Nomads are plentiful in future, players who just cannot find home until suddenly they luck out, hit the right club, and bingo, they finally spark to life.

But Sterling is 23, he’s not a kid, and he’s leaving it very late to ‘break through’.

He’s a RB by trade, but we can’t quite fathom if he’s supposed to be competition for Tavernier, or a replacement. But in a sense we are glad the club did bring that position in, because maybe the captain will feel a sense of being pushed.

Sterling, surely, isn’t here to sit on the bench – he’s a Beale signing and the lad will have some expectations of playing. And his position is RB. So is this Michael Beale telling Tavernier he’s no longer untouchable for that slot?

We have our doubts about the quality of Sterling, it’s not exactly a show-stopping signing of a marquee name, but like any signing Beale makes he has the ‘Todd & Nico Fallacy’ whereby he gets slack because of the brilliant work he did in January with those two.

Hopefully Sterling (and Dowell) proves us to look very silly for doubting him and tears it up in the Scottish Premiership and beyond.

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