Some Rangers fans are hurting the club with ‘that’ songbook

Some Rangers fans are hurting the club with ‘that’ songbook
Rangers fans await kick off ahead of the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

This article will upset and split Rangers fan opinion I have no doubt, but it needs to be said.

One thing that we can never be questioned is the commitment of our fans when travelling either domestically or on our European Travels. The fans follow their team all over, and that’s something that we are grateful to have, and it’s something that the players talk about time & again and are extremely grateful for the away support.

These fans were rightly praised last year by the mayor of Sevilla for their behaviour, despite UEFA’s best attempts to try and kill them off in the baking heat!!

But today, despite being comfortable in the match there was what only can be described as shameful sectarian chants which I am afraid to say over-shadowed another good performance on the park.

This type of behaviour does nothing for the Club in terms of trying to show us as an inclusive & welcoming Club. Fans who sing such songs need to be reminded that many of their own players are Catholic – and while they will know the traditions of the Club, they also much wonder why such songs are still sung in 2023!!

Our new CEO has laid out a plan to ensure Rangers as a Club are involved when it comes to the running of the game domestically, but we are not going to have much influence if certain fans continually think it’s acceptable to roll out these songs almost on a weekly basis.

Looking at the bigger picture, if this happens more and more, and is contained in the match report from the ref, the Club could be potentially looking at sanctions against them.

These sanctions could in fines, parts or all of Ibrox closed for a number of game and even point deductions. This is not a problem we face at home, we are also on UEFA’s naughty step for these songs being sung at European games too – so the fans need to do something to ensure that the good name of the club is not tarnished. We also need to think of how they will hit the Club financially if ground closure did happen whether it be domestically or European games.

Yes many fans will point to our neighbours across the city and their support and what they sing/chant, but frankly we don’t care about what they do. We need to concentrate in ensuring this type of behaviour is stamped out – as fans need to understand that ultimately it’s the Club who will suffer.

Yes we are the people, but we need to show we are better than what was shown today.

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  1. I have sung all these songs, and loved them, without ever hating Catholics. I did it as part of the club and its culture.
    But that was in the last century, when many things were allowed that are not today.
    We have to move with the times and whatever people do in private, public displays are another matter. They have to stop a) because it will cost the club sanction, be it money, stand closures or suspension and b) it makes us look bad, which involves reputational risk and lost sponsorship.
    Yes, I know they are worse, but fine, let them be. Then everybody can point at them, sanction them, and we will look like the good guys. Given the way we are persecuted, this will be a novel experience for us.

  2. Good work on writing this, Ross. This a really important issue that fan media needs to deal with head-on. This sort of singing must be challenged and not ignored.

  3. I totally agree with Robino, some of the chants are cringe inducing, they are starting to creep back into match day. We are Scotlands premier club, it’s outdated baggage that really holds us back

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