Rangers’ Ladies are on the verge of something very special indeed

Rangers’ Ladies are on the verge of something very special indeed
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 20: Kayla McCo of Rangers is seen during the UEFA Women´s Champions League Second Qualifying Round First Leg match between Rangers and SL Benfica at Ibrox Stadium on September 20, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

With the last Rangers Women’s game of the season being just around the corner could the ladies’ team do something that the gents haven’t managed and bring some silverware to Ibrox?

For those of you that don’t follow the Ladies game, we’re sitting 2nd in the league, 2 points behind Glasgow City and 1 goal in front of them. Sunday’s game has it all to play for; who do we play you ask.

Glasgow City.

Talk about taking it to the wire. With the other side of the city playing Hearts, theirs is a likely done deal. So can our Rangers Ladies beat Glasgow City and get us some silverware? In my opinion, yes, yes we blooming well can!

Glasgow City are of course the historic titans of the women’s game here in Scotland, having dominated the sport for years, having won a ridiculous 14IAR barring the voided 2020 season, but Rangers snaffed that out last season and won our first league title.

It might interest you further to know them lot have never won a single championship crown, so while it’s only one for Rangers, for our Ladies to have overcome the mighty City at this level was a sea-change.

We’ve already beaten City this season, so we can absolutely carry out the same feat this weekend. Now that’s not me saying it will be a cakewalk, it’ll be a hard slog and they currently sit top.

But if there’s one thing that’s struck me with the Ladies it’s their level of gumption, their effort, their grit and determination. This isn’t to bash the men’s team but they could learn a thing or two from the Ladies in sheer guts.

So with all our hopes for silverware leaning on the ladies shoulders we wish them well.

There’s still a Cup up for grabs too, but all in good time.

Let’s get this weekend sorted first. Ready, Ladies?

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