Michael Beale 99% confirms Rangers extension for one out of contract player

Michael Beale 99% confirms Rangers extension for one out of contract player
Beale confirming the new deal....

Michael Beale has ‘confirmed’ one out of contract Ibrox player in Ryan Jack is to extend his deal after hinting strongly at today’s presser that the Scotland international would be staying.

Speaking before tomorrow’s clash with Celtic, Beale was challenged on the players leaving, the players staying, and those he’s signing, and while refusing to make explicit admissions on any individual admitted that he wanted to keep Jack and that would ‘probably’ give a big clue as to what would be happening there.

It’s a controversial one for some – Jack hasn’t been consistently fit for his entirely spell at Ibrox, which is going back 6 years now, but when in form has been monstrous.

The problem is his last injury changed the kind of player he is, turning him into a box-to-box 8 rather than a defensive midfielder. The problem there is 8s are not a kind of player Rangers are overly short in, even if most of the options are not entirely viable.

As for the fans at Ibrox, they are a bit divided on him – many believe he should be on a pay as you play deal, where he gets his wage based on appearances and availability, and that’s understandable, but from what we gather, it’s just a standard year extension with no major clauses of minutes included.

But yes, from Michael Beale’s comments it does seem what Ibrox Noise reported to you some days ago has been officially ‘confirmed’, and while we know our manager speaks manure at the best of times, this one is probably true.

Ryan Jack will agree, if he hasn’t already, an extension, and he and Beale both want him to stay.

The question is how many Rangers matches will he be fit for, and what position is he going to play next season?

One thing is for sure – he isn’t leaving.

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  1. We love the guy but iam not so sure,
    we need to be moving forward,and i dont think keeping him is

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