How can Rangers boost income? 5 big ways to get Ibrox rich

How can Rangers boost income? 5 big ways to get Ibrox rich
There are many ways to make money, and here's one of them (Credit Rangers FC)

In this day and age of football sponsorship (see today’s earlier post), there seems that everything attached to a Football club has a market.
We have seen today that the Club have teamed up with World Renowned and well-known Bluenose Chef Gordon Ramsay in a new venture at Ibrox, which I am sure will bring more money into the coffers at the Club.
With our new CEO already made a impression when he was Commercial Director, it seem that Mr Bisgrove can turn most things into money.

But how else can our Club/Brand be maximised in increase revenue, that can be pumped directly into the 1st Team?

  1. Training Ground Sponsorship.

It used to be named after SDM, and then it was the Hummel Training Ground/Complex.
Now it doesn’t have a sponsor aligned to it.
Can the CEO work his magic here, and bring in a well known name to Sponsor where the day to day happenings taken place?

  1. Edmiston House

While this is a new venture for the Club, and a lot of capital was injected into this project by the Club.
So the question would be, how do you recover that investment in the quickest possible time?
As it is used as a music venue, would a commercial deal with OVO or O2 be possible?
It’s also used as a place to have a drink on match day, so could a Scottish Brewery or Distillery be a good fit for a partnership.
In terms of a place to eat, do we look to Blackrooster again or look for another partnership with another firm?
There are different ways to bring in revenue from this venue – not just when it’s in use.

  1. Sponsorship of Stands at Ibrox

The Family stand already has a Partnership in place – but would fans want a similar deal with the other three stands bearing in mind two of them are named after greats/legends of the club.
Again it could bring in more money to the club in the short term – even if it’s only for a few seasons?

  1. Pitch Sponsor

I know this is an ‘out of the box’ one, however is it one that could be considered if it doesn’t infringe on any of the current deals that are in place with the sponsors that we currently have?
You see this a lot during the Rugby when the main Sponsor has their logo on the pitch at the half way line.
Could it be something brought into Football – could Rangers be the 1st club in Scotland/UK to do so?

Last but not least

  1. Stadium Sponsor

Not a new idea I know
But it’s one which totally divides the fan base here.
While it’s common for newer Stadiums to have a long-term sponsor, it’s usually not found with century old stadiums – mainly cause they have their own standalone name, and are well known all over the world – Ibrox, Anfield, Old Trafford, St James Park, Stamford Bridge etc.

But if we were to maximise the revenue streams that the club can control itself, then surely it’s something that the ‘new’ board need to seriously consider.
We have a Stadium which is limited in how it can be expanded, plus we don’t have the money to undertake such a project – so that really caps the match day revenue from bums on seats – so we are never going to complete or have the same playing field as them across the City.

Or do we look to take a bold step and look for a new home, and home that could be used for a multipurpose of sports & entertainment (I am thinking along the lines of Rugby & stadium tours for music artists) – maybe that’s a discussion for another article?

But if the money is tight at the moment, we really need to think about how we can raise more money to make the club more sustainable & profitable.

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