“Guard of Dishonour” as Rangers prepare to host the champions

“Guard of Dishonour” as Rangers prepare to host the champions
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Rangers fans show their support during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Scottish football, Rangers fans especially, are losing their minds over the ‘Guard of Honour’ topic being banded about on the eve of the final and most redundant Old Firm in many a year.

The subject of course centres around Rangers players offering a Guard of Honour to the-now confirmed champions Celtic, with Ally McCoist especially vocal in protesting the idea.

Now, Michael Beale showed extraordinary sportsmanship with that ‘free’ goal for Partick Thistle, and quite frankly he’s been praising a lot about Celtic in recent weeks, which rather shows his mentality these days, so we wouldn’t be shocked if he makes the players offer one.

But fans absolutely unequivocally do not want one.

Only one of us on Ibrox Noise even entertained the notion, suggesting that it would show that we’re ‘above’ that lot by doing what they wouldn’t for 55.

But in reality, 99% if not more of all Rangers fans we’ve engaged on this topic have absolutely slaughtered the notion – Ibrox Noise ran a straw poll and of the hundreds and hundreds of replies, we’re yet to see any that don’t say ‘absolutely not’.

In short, this would be a horrifically short-sighted move and would be booed deeply by fans if it happened – it would also put Beale under even more pressure by a great number of supporters who think he isn’t up to the job as it is. If he orders the players to do this, it would make him further out of touch with the massive massive majority of fans.

Personally? We can see the point that some fans have made that doing this will make everyone feel like absolute rubbish, particularly the players, and that’s exactly what they should feel after the season they’ve put in. Or haven’t.

In other words, it would be a punishment and in that sense it would be merited for such poor results this campaign.

But it would also be a punishment for the fans who have done little wrong. Well, not in this regard anyway. So in short, it’s a very, very bad idea and would be horrendously received.

No, very bad idea.

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