Gambling is a problem, and Ivan Toney is the latest victim

Gambling is a problem, and Ivan Toney is the latest victim
BRENTFORD, ENGLAND - MAY 14: Ivan Toney of Brentford is seen on the bench prior to the Premier League match between Brentford FC and West Ham United at Gtech Community Stadium on May 14, 2023 in Brentford, England. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

A little bit off-topic this one, but Ibrox Noise wanted to discuss Brentford and England star Ivan Toney and his football ban over betting violations.

Regulars might not realise this but Ibrox Noise has a no-betting policy in place – now, we can’t stop every ad on the site promoting gambling, unfortunately that’s outwith our control, but when we do have the choice, and that’s most of the time, betting is banned here.

We have had thousands, thousands of email enquiries from potential sponsors wanting us to plug gambling content, for good money, big money. It’s always a no.

Toney, Paul Merson and thousands of others are why.

Gambling is a giant, huge, colossal problem in the UK, it’s a deep mental illness and ruins lives, and Toney might be a rich footballer but he’s a mortal man who is struggling now with gambling addiction. Indeed, Psychiatrist Dr Philip Hopley took the stand for Toney explaining the lad is clinically diagnosed with an addiction and that’s the reason the boy’s ban from football was ‘only’ 8 months.

Arsenal legend Merson is another victim, his story is well-documented.

And we’re sure millions of you out there are struggling with it too – the betting shops in the UK are specifically and strategically placed in the poorest areas, thriving off desperation and the unfortunate souls who need money, who pray ‘this’ bet will earn them a few quid.

And it becomes an addiction, an obsession, and one that more and more government policy is thankfully starting, slightly, to crack down on.

But plenty needs done further to actually help those whose lives are being wrecked by throwing all their money at the horses, the footie, the whatever.

This article isn’t meant to be preachy or condescending piece, it’s just highlighting that if a rich and successful footballer like Toney can have a massive problem with gambling which threatens to derail his career, anyone can.

We don’t expect many to click this story, it’s not a sexy football transfer one or anything specifically to do with Rangers, but we do hope if anyone out there reading this is struggling with gambling, that you get help.

Don’t let it destroy you.

If you do have a problem, or think you might, please contact:

Gamble awareness, or Gambling Support Scotland, or GamCare.

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