Michael Beale looking to replace five Rangers men with one Championship star

Michael Beale looking to replace five Rangers men with one Championship star
He'll be leaving Rangers (Credit Rangers FC)

The reported interest in Norwich’s Kieran Dowell is a massive sign that Michael Beale isn’t happy with his attacking midfield options at all, despite having what in theory appears to be an embarrassment of riches in that slot.

The 25-year-old playmaker, who has a contract offer on the table and is said to be waiting to see if the Canaries can secure promotion into the Premier League before deciding, is a former England youth international and not much different in reality to Tom Lawrence who plays pretty much the same position and at the same level.

But it’s the players we have that this spells doom for.

Only Todd Cantwell can say with any certainty that he’s a secured Rangers player and will be first-team next season, for the rest, it’s all bets off, we’re afraid.

Ianis Hagi remains a mile off fitness, and his cameos are far from impressing. He has time, but he’s lost a whole bunch of the already limited pace that he had, and his father concedes, finally, that his Ibrox time is coming to an end. The new contract really was a farce, and any decent bid will be accepted.

Alex Lowry hasn’t made it. It’s simple as that. While injury and bereavement derailed this season, if the kid was good enough he’d be playing, even in fits and starts. He’s not even managed that. It’s not more complicated.

Scotty Arfield is just not favoured by this manager. We need to accept that, and he probably isn’t going to get a new deal.

Tom Lawrence missed all of his first season and is absolutely no certainty to be fit for preseason either. Rangers have already written him off for long term.

And last but not least Malik Tillman. Doesn’t appear in the big matches and we can’t endorse £6M on him. He’s also likely to return to Bayern to try to impress new manager Thomas Tuchel.

So, bottom line, we only have Cantwell as a feasible choice under this boss, meaning Dowell and others will be looked at for next season. They’ll be free agents where possible, lucrative quality players at end of contract and Rangers trying to nab marquee talent for nothing where it’s viable.

We’re not sure Dowell quite fits being good enough, but we’ll have a look at him for another piece.

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