Ibrox Noise Rangers Player of the Season award goes to….

Ibrox Noise Rangers Player of the Season award goes to….
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 08: Michael Beale, Head Coach of Rangers FC, arrives at the stadium prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park on April 08, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So it’s that time of year now where Ibrox Noise covers the Player of the Season. Who stood out this campaign to earn the top gong among all Rangers’ performers?

Well, as a straw poll on our social media channels indicated, most replies believe no one has earned it. We’d agree with that.

No Rangers player comes close to being a definitive de-facto choice in terms of those players with us from the start. It’s been a bad, bad season, but the two nominations provided were the best of a very poor bunch:

Allan McGregor and James Tavernier.

Yes, this is how diabolical Rangers’ season has been, that Tavernier’s 400 penalties and ridiculous Hall of Fame entry coupled with McGregor’s reputation and similar entry have seen them nominated by fans as our candidates.

Ibrox Noise?

We’d offer Borna Barisic as one contender, given the strong renaissance he’s had since Michael Beale took charge, while both January additions in Todd Cantwell and Nicolas Raskin would be the others. We wouldn’t offer Tav or Greegs as close to being contenders.

But this is how poor Rangers’ season has been, that no one single player comes close to a strong nomination. So what we can do, as we alluded with Borna, is to highlight the purple patches. Who has had good ‘periods’?

The obvious one here would be Antonio Colak who, up till late autumn, was behind only the ridiculous Erling Haaland as the UK’s most prolific striker. But it tailed off and he’s never been the same since – or, more to the point, used the same since.

Others? Malik Tillman has fleetingly impressed, but his inability to show guts and his frequent disappearance in big matches counts against him. He’s also a loan player, but hey, so was Haris Vuckic.

Fashion – he’s produced manic genius and his stats are good, but he’s more capable of being utterly rotten than ravishing. A bizarre player at best.

Scotty – we love him, but Bealey doesn’t, and while he makes a huge difference and like Colak was strong the first portion of the season, he’s been phased out under the current boss.

And Borna – been good since November, not incredible, but good, and strong enough to keep his position.

But then there’s Cantwell/Raskin. Both of these have been by a distance Rangers’ best players in 2023, particularly Cantwell. There’s no competition, but can we give it to a January signing?

Yes, we can, because the rest just aren’t up to scratch.

So Ibrox Noise’s two Rangers POTS contenders are Todd Cantwell and Nicolas Raskin, and we’d edge it to Cantwell who has been absolutely spectacular.

If only we’d got him in the summer eh?

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