Michael Beale to install Antonio Colak as Rangers number one

Michael Beale to install Antonio Colak as Rangers number one
Goalak with another brace for the Famous (Credit Rangers FC)

Michael Beale last night learned 100% Antonio Colak is, definitively, the best striker at Ibrox, the best in Scotland, and the man will score barrowloads of goals if given half chances.

Rangers fans, mostly, were absolutely thrilled with his performance, in which the Croat hitman did everything include score in this one. Holding up play, tracking back, scoring, but the most important aspect of his game was the least obvious:

His movement.

There’s a reason he was in at least four positions to score goals, if not more, and that’s because Colak is a master of playing through the lines and anticipating the play. While he is the most natural finisher Rangers have had since Marco Negri (and that’s not even an exaggeration) aside arguably the technically brilliant Michael Mols, it’s his sumptuous movement which shows exactly what kind of a striker he is.

He reads the play like it’s second nature, he makes the diagonal runs, and he always knows where the ball is going to be.

Some Rangers ‘fans’ decided he was the spawn of Hades because of how the ball went under his feet v Celtic on his cameo. 1: he was deeply ring rusty and was still a bit off the pace. 2: At least he was in the position to miss.

As Gary Lineker once rightly put it, he didn’t worry about missing chances, he worried he wasn’t getting them in the first place, because that would suggest his movement wasn’t good enough.

Goalak doesn’t need to worry about that at all. We don’t mind if he misses a few, we would mind if he wasn’t in the position to.

As it happens, another stellar performance from him last night saw the Rangers striker debate moot – Alfredo Morelos is done, a busted flush, and his attitude is deplorable. Information is he has agreed a pre-contract with a European mob, and we couldn’t be happier.

Colak wants to be here, and he’s better in every way than the Colombian.

Long may the Croat’s spell at Ibrox bloom and long may Michael Beale acknowledge the guy is by far his best.

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