Antonio Colak rolls his sleeves up for Rangers – he wants it

Antonio Colak rolls his sleeves up for Rangers – he wants it
Some fans really don't like him....

Antonio Colak has confirmed his utter desire to be a Ranger, his desire to win the shirt, his desire to earn the shirt, his desire to assist, score, and be first choice at Ibrox, in what is a change from the bulk of players who appear disinterested in the cause these days.

The Croatian striker, who may just be finally re-emerging into the limelight following a terrible four months of his career, was speaking to the media pre-Hibs, and suggested that he has the sleeves rolled up and just wants to succeed.

Of course, talk is cheap, but quite honestly a lot of the quotes coming from our club these days are so uninspiring that it makes a nice change for a player to come out and actually show grit, determination and bottle.

Colak’s performance at the weekend was excellent, and while he didn’t score, he did everything but, and he installed himself, rightfully, as the club’s first choice again.

There is no question Antonio Colak wants to be here, he wants to succeed, score, be a good team mate, and everything else.

He hinted he wants to do more to be a good team mate, come deeper, support, be a lynchpin, and he wants to do it long term.

Colak never wanted any move more than he wanted the switch to Ibrox, and his dreams were coming true inside the first few months – it just went horribly wrong for a long time, and now we’re having to readjust for the new world – the Croat has to figure out Beale as much as Beale has to figure him out.

And he’s by a distance the best hitman at Ibrox, so with that in tow, not only is he the best, but he wants to be here too.

There’s no competition – he’s just so much better than Morelos in pretty much every sense, and he actually wants the shirt, unlike the Colombian.

Hopefully he keeps the shirt and the goals start flowing again – give him a chance, he will score. Give him a half chance, he will probably score.

It’s as simple as that.

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