Rangers fans divided over Chris Sutton Michael Beale controversy

Rangers fans divided over Chris Sutton Michael Beale controversy
He didn't hold back this time....

It’s interesting to see the reaction to the Sutton stuff in the media and from Rangers fans, including Ally McCoist, and of course our own manager Michael Beale.

See, the difference this time, and why there’s a big hullabaloo, is because Rangers and our manager ‘dared’ to bite back. For the very first time we responded, after years of repeated provocation, all as a result of a journo asking Beale in his presser his views on Sutton’s comments.

The saddest part of all this is the sheer controversy of it – it should be an open and shut case of Beale being afforded the chance to respond and taking it, launching a nuke back at the notorious Celtic troll.

But no, the fact many of our own fans are offended, or angry with him for daring to rebut shows a lot about the shape of this world today and how anything gets pounced on regardless of how legitimate it may be.

Under usual circumstances, these same fans themselves are slaughtering Sutton on social media, every name under the same, before concluding with ‘why we even talking about him’.

And yet they won’t afford Beale the same chance to give a testy little reply?

We’ve been hard on Beale, for some of his comments, which we consider in places to be unprofessional, and at other times downright false, but we back him totally here. It’s fair game for the club to rebut, and give a little bit back, why the hell shouldn’t we?

We are extremely amused, though, at the headlines of Ally’s response, in which he explains Beale will have bigger fights to deal with than Sutton – the irony of the headlines is they claim the former Rangers striker and manager says Beale should pick his fights better. Not what he said at all.

Even more amused at a supposed ‘Rangers site’ which seems to promote Sutton’s comments above Rangers’ interests. No surprise there though.

And today? Rangers fans remain at odds with each other over this topic. Apparently the timmy came back with a dig at Beale’s playing career after the Chelsea jibe. Well, we’re sure he’s going to target Walter and Jose’s playing careers too while he’s at it then…

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