McGregor and Davis in Hall of Fame, but were Rangers ready for James Tavernier?

McGregor and Davis in Hall of Fame, but were Rangers ready for James Tavernier?
Three proud looking Rangers men (Credit Rangers FC)

Last night saw the latest official inductees to the Hall of Fame. All the first team present at the gala evening in our recently-opened Edmiston House was a pretty sight, all the first team suited and booted. Rangers class at its finest.

On the agenda for the evening was those new inductees into the Rangers Hall of Fame. There was speculation to who would be added. Mostly we weren’t surprised.

First up it was a certain safe pair of hands. Allan McGregor, number 1 goalkeeper. The man who makes us fans not watch through squinted eyes and covered faces. Sadly coming to the end of his career his induction was not something that surprised us. Very well deserved in my opinion.

Next inductee being Steven Davis, again not a surprise for us. He’s been a great servant to our club. Sadly, thanks to his injury he has more than likely finished his career with us. We thanked him last night with an award and a trophy for his service. Not the way he would have wanted to end his career with us I’m sure, but a welcome token of his contribution nonetheless.

Then last to be added to the Hall of Fame last night. James Tavernier. Now I’m not surprised he was added, but I am a little bit confused to the timing. Last night seemed to be about celebrating the old guard, the ones coming to the end of their careers.

Looking back on what they have done for the team without the prospect of adding to his achievements. Tavernier doesn’t fit that. His contract doesn’t expire until 2024 and at 31 years old there’s plenty of life in him yet. Just begs the question of why was he inducted now?

When we look at past inductees, it’s either the McGregors and Davises, those aging soldiers who are nearing the end, or short-burst superstars who came in, gave us amazement and left after a healthy period. Your Laudrups, Gazzas, the late great Fernando.

But Tavernier is a current player, plying his trade still, and is the timing right to add him in?

His self esteem will certainly appreciate it, and no one is denying he’s given us a lot in seven years, we just can’t help wondering if it was all a bit premature and could have waited till he either left or neared retirement age.

This is definitely not a go at Tav, we have time for him even if some criticise him and he’s not having the best season of his career. We do think he deserves an HoF place – just maybe not right now…

You may disagree.

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  1. All of them were always going to be up there at some point, Shagger and Davo for being involved 2 European Cup Final runs and everything they have done for us over their two spells. Tav being with us since Warburton snapped him up in the Championship, and seeing it through till the end of the journey, and leading us to 55 and Seville as captain.

    I didn’t honestly think any of them would’ve been added to it whilst they were still playing. I thought it was only ever Ferguson who was added while still playing in the past, but it looks like those 3 join Barry Weir/McCulloch.
    Could’ve waited another few days but for Tav to add to his trophy collection!

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