Stinking ‘whataboutery’ at Ibrox as Rangers silence is ruined

Stinking ‘whataboutery’ at Ibrox as Rangers silence is ruined
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Rangers fans show their support during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise is deeply depressed today, at the mindset not only of the Celtic ‘fans’ who violated the minute’s silence on Monday, but the others, and many of Rangers’ own fans, who felt the appropriate response was ‘whataboutery’ and instead whined about Rangers fans interrupting Tommy Burns silence and the Rangers fans who allegedly interrupted the silence on Monday themselves.

This, right here, is the problem.

Absolutely NO ONE in Scottish football seems to be able to hold their hands up and just say ‘yes, this was wrong’ and then NOT throw it at the opponent with an epilogue of how bad they are as well.

This is actually as bad as the interruptions of minutes’ silences in itself, a refusal to acknowledge one’s own issues WITHOUT then hurling it back at the opponent.

There is no such thing in Scottish football any more as ‘we did wrong and we’ll fix it’.

It’s ‘a small minority of us might have done this but your lot is just as bad’. How on EARTH does that approach help anything? That is no more than pure deflection, whether it’s by Celtic fans, indeed Rangers fans or anyone else in Scotland.

The minute’s silence was ruined by Celtic chants, but instead of a club apology or any kind of concession of a mistake, instead every fan who was actually willing to accept the visitors had done this immediately flipped it on its head and pointed out the indiscretions of some home fans.

Let’s stop there. It was Celtic who ruined it, and that’s that. The fact Rangers fans allegedly ruined a silence for the very decent Burns (a good man who crossed the divide and deserves no abuse in his name) is absolutely completely irrelevant to this issue. The Burns issue is for Rangers to deal with, NOT to be used for Celtic fans to dilute their own rotten antics and point score about how more shocking Rangers fans are than Celtic ones.

This mindset, sadly, is why we will never come out of this hatred. No one can accept they’ve made an error, or that their support is ugly and behaves poorly – when called out on a mistake, they don’t become accountable. They just say ‘but you did it too’ and that’s the end of that.

Now, in fairness, Rangers as a club have done a lot of things to help with inclusion, Everyone Anyone etc – so there is work being done, and more to do.

We don’t care what Celtic have or haven’t done, that’s their business.

But until the day football fans stop pointing fingers at the other lot, we’ll never fix any of these issues.

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