Rangers: snide digs at Giovanni to attack Michael Beale are an absolute disgrace

Rangers: snide digs at Giovanni to attack Michael Beale are an absolute disgrace
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 15: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, celebrates after the team's victory during the Viaplay Cup Semi-final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on January 15, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We must admit a bit of disappointment today with some Rangers fans – Ibrox Noise regulars know we’re never afraid to call anyone out, including ourselves, and that honesty makes us one of the fastest-growing Rangers communities online, for which we are grateful.

But some supporters are taking further what we said about ex-manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst, when we suggested he’d been effectively cancelled. Since then, in fairness to him, new manager Michael Beale has given Gio a tonne more credit, thanking him for giving him a semi final straight off the bat, and for all the work he did in the first place. But some fans have not taken that lead, and are using Gio in a way we will not accept.

When praising Beale for his exceptional record since taking the Ibrox helm, some Rangers supporters counter with a truly bizarre rebuttal:

‘Gio won his first 8 games too, better goal difference as well’.

Now, this isn’t a ‘we were better off with the ex-boss’ type statement, it is instead trying to suggest Gio was a fail and Beale’s excellent start doesn’t ‘prove’ anything.

How absolutely dare anyone suggest Gio is a yardstick of disaster!

The man is one of us, got us to Sevilla and won us the Scottish Cup for the first time in practically a generation. He did absolutely everything in his power to gain success that first season. Yes, it went wrong in the second season, but ‘went wrong’ is the point – Gio is a yardstick of success, not failure, and any Rangers ‘supporter’ using him as a measurement of ‘failure’ to take a disgraceful dig at Michael Beale is better off supporting ‘the other team’.

If you think it’s ok to chip at Giovanni van Bronckhorst, a man who gave his everything to make Rangers work, then you’re not a Rangers fan. You’re just a troll who doesn’t know what supporting a football team let alone Rangers means.

Gio is to be applauded, and admired. It didn’t work out last summer onwards, but few have carried the role with the dignity Gio held – Walter would have been proud of him.

Beale is hard to gauge yet – we cannot help but admire our winning mentality under him, and while we have misgivings about his comments in the press, Rangers are succeeding under him.

If you smear Gio to attack that, clear off.

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  1. Defending an ex manager, Gio, and yet never a good word to say about another ex manager, Gerrard. Another hypocritical article, sort of!

    • We’ve said many good things about Gerrard, but the manner of his exit was a disgrace and a betrayal. Gio, on the other hand, was dignified from start to end. There’s no case to answer here mate.

      • Correct Gerrard should have left in a better more befitting of his standing and place in our history. Gio was not being backed and definitely suffered from board mistakes.

      • Hmmm.

        Remembering (and defending) one manager based on their success whilst forgetting their failures. Gio.

        Remembering (and criticising) one manager based on their failures whilst forgetting their success. Gerrard.

        There’s definitely a case!

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