Rangers: lots of sweep sweep by Celtic as Ibrox Disaster mocked

Rangers: lots of sweep sweep by Celtic as Ibrox Disaster mocked
Ryan Kent scores Rangers' equaliser (Credit Rangers FC)

This morning is filled with media obsessed with the various injustices poor Celtic suffered at Ibrox, with the ‘handball’ Connor Goldson was guilty of and which John Beaton wasn’t summoned to VAR over.

Disregard that even King Timmy himself Andy Walker rejected it as a penalty, disregard HOW VAR actually works in that the referee is only called over when it’s a clear and obvious ‘mistake’ and is given a chance to review it…

No, because he wasn’t called over (because it wasn’t a penalty) it’s an outrage and Celtic will take it to the SFA in disgust.

Yes, let’s just completely gloss over the violation of the Ibrox Disaster their fans committed, which EVERY media broadcaster turned the volume down on, let’s just ignore the fact millions of fans around the world saw and heard chanting and singing during the minute’s silence, let’s instead obsess over a non-penalty.

Because the visitors weren’t good enough to win, and could only hold Rangers to a draw, deflection is the name of the day for their club, their fans and the media, by focusing on a non-penalty pretty much exclusively.

Sweep sweep is often the term used about that lot, about their tendency to refuse to take responsibility for their fans’ actions, and this is an example not only of their club doing exactly that, but using the media to flip it and turn it onto Rangers and the refereeing instead.

Embarrassing? Shameful? No – it’s just predictable and it’s the kind of club they are.

We’re sure there’s a few decent Celtic fans out there horrified by the actions of these individuals, and their club but they’re not making themselves too heard are they?

No, Rangers should have won, Celtic and their fans know it, and by crying foul over a penalty it’s just sweep sweep once again as they hide their failings under the carpet and pretend they should have won.

It placates their fans anyway, and that’s their job done. Never mind it was Rangers’ game to lose and we threw it away, as long as Declan is being deluded into an alternate reality at Parkhead.

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  1. It was the usual expected behaviour of that scum , the minutes silence , the Var joke complaint. Its one of several disgraceful displays of how they are the bigots . Its how it goes in snp Greenland they do as they please , apart from work , and get away with it ,whilst anything British protestant or Royal is vilified and critiqued. We should have done them 100% we chucked it with MBs poor sub decisions . As far as the other mob are concerned they think they are still better , they are ordinary and can be beaten MB surrendered sorry

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