Discussions being encouraged over lifting Scottish football’s alcohol ban

Discussions being encouraged over lifting Scottish football’s alcohol ban
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A slight off-topic subject here, but we note the current discussion about the near-half century ban on alcohol at Scottish football grounds being lifted, with, quote, ‘constructive conversation’ being encouraged.

Can we be the first to in no way should this ban be lifted for as long as the United Kingdom has an endemic problem with booze, and until the social constructs of our country begin to evolve into something akin to the more responsible way the rest of the world ‘enjoys alcohol’, there is zero case for the ban to be lifted.

This ban is part of what saw the Old Firm shame game, a match which changed the law in Scotland to ban Old Firm clashes kicking off any later than half 12 in the afternoon, to prevent boozing before kick off due to all the chaos that afternoon saw.

Our nation has, and will have, for the foreseeable future, a huge issue with drink, and if the ban is lifted we’ll see an upturn in antisocial behaviour at stadiums.

It’s not a matter of personal choice, nor should it be – the law was put there for a reason, and while Ibrox Noise like anyone else enjoys a tipple now and then, there’s just no justification for having stadiums sell it again.

Can you imagine our-already angry fans on a bad performance, but with the added influence of alcohol? Only takes two tipsy supporters to disagree ‘strongly’ about how Ryan Kent’s playing and you’ve got a fight on your hands.

We’re not saying Scots are incapable of behaving themselves, but indeed the English top flight has had the same ban since the mid-80s and show no sign of changing it any time soon, because they know the repercussions of doing so.

It’s just asking for trouble, and we’d really heavily advise against it. This is not to say we disagree with the ‘constructive discussion’ idea – it’s fair to have a debate and allow everyone to air their views. But end of the day, if the ban is lifted, it’s a recipe for disaster and only takes one angry boozed-up supporter grumpy with a middling display to cause havoc.

It’s a no from us. You might disagree.

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  1. You are wrong there IN, English clubs you can buy drink before, during and after a game, they sell pints in plastic pint glasses and bottles without the lids on, how do l know ? I’ve sampled it many times since the year 2008 in the grounds

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