Winter budget for Beale’s Rangers revealed, and some Ibrox fans are unhappy

Winter budget for Beale’s Rangers revealed, and some Ibrox fans are unhappy
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 15: Rangers Manager Michael Beale looks on ahead of the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Hibernian FC at on December 15, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Rangers fans reacted in outrage to Ibrox Noise’s £2.5M winter spending article recently, raging that that’s pathetic, and nowhere near enough.

Thing is, most of these fans have no idea that Rangers have never actually spent any more than that in any single January window.

In fact the most Rangers have spent, and we’re going back 15 years of research here, is £2M on Kevin Thomson in January 2007. Since then, we challenge you to find a single winter window where we’ve spent more than that.

The winter window, approaching 20 years for Rangers, is not a period during which this club spends big money. It never has and it never will.

For those demanding Rangers splash the cash for a major rebuild next month, even the Grand Master Walter, in that famous 2007 winter window, spent just that £2M on Thomson, plus frees Ehiogu and Weir, and he transformed the team with it, overnight making Rangers the best team in Scotland.

We just don’t spend more than that, never have, never will, because January is a very awkward window for clubs both selling and buying. It’s a bad time to lose a big asset, and there’s precontract discussions going on as well.

No, Rangers won’t spend much beyond about £2.5M for two reasons: one, we never have, so history tells us that, and secondly, because we don’t have much more to spend anyway.

The right Bosmans and cost-effective players can make a huge difference regardless – Walter showed us that, and Rangers fans just need to trust in Michael Beale and the regime to make the correct changes next month.

But it won’t be anything like £15M like some fans seem to think.

In truth, Rangers’ middling form this season owes as much to injuries as anything else, and having the Tom Lawrences, Ianis Hagis, Filip Helanders and others back will in itself be a pseudo-transfer window, giving Beale yet more options.

The sooner the better that happens and we can all stop complaining, because, shock horror, you need all your best players available. But we won’t be adding a lot of premium-priced players next month, because we simply never do.

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  1. Its a bad transfer window in January but we are so bad , we need to bed players in for next season, or it’s catch up again , we have 0% of winning the league this season , it’s the realism .

  2. We need to get some quality in , not had proper right winger since Candias and he wasn’t great, still not got one , it’s not great. Ross Wilson has been a disaster for us .

  3. Hopefully some of the money spent on new keeper as Allan’s time is up,those 2 sheep goals should have been saved,he’s to slow now and this will not go unnoticed by the diddy teams

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