Rangers fans left baffled over new injury on Ibrox squad

Rangers fans left baffled over new injury on Ibrox squad
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: Ben Davies of Rangers is challenged by Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Liverpool FC and Rangers FC at Anfield on October 04, 2022 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Rangers fans have been rather confused since Michael Beale’s press conference, with misinformation leading the way over a new injury to hit the squad.

Beale explained Steven Davis was to go for a scan on a new injury, something he elected against elaborating on, but with Ben Davies having effectively the same surname, it didn’t take long for fans to react to ‘Ben Davies’ injury’.

What’s in a name? Well, we’re seeing now what two players with identical surnames does to the average punter who hears ‘day-vis’ and does not ascertain the difference between that and ‘day-veez’ and thinks our defender who’s only just back is out again.

Let’s look at the quote in full:

“We’ve sent Steven Davis for a scan for a slight issue, well, we hope it’s a slight issue so he’s the only player who won’t travel tomorrow.”

This has led to all kinds of miscommunication, and when Ibrox Noise proposed a likely starting XI based on injury and Beale’s comments, howls of objection were made at our inclusion of Ben Davies with ‘Beale said he was injured!’.

So, no, Ben Davies, while not super match fit, is most definitely not injured, and Steven Davis, the Northern Ireland midfielder, definitely is and that reduces Rangers’ options in midfield a little.

Will Davies start? Beale has confirmed ‘I will have centre backs in my team’ so at least one of Davies or Goldson will definitely start at Pittodrie, possibly both. But Steven Davis definitely will not. He is most surely injured and we don’t yet have the results of that scan to update with any further details on it.

But what is in a name?

Or should we start on the ‘their they’re there’ fiasco?

Either way, no Davis, but there is a Davies. Hope that cleared it up nicely for you, because we at Ibrox Noise are going to have a nice lie down after that one.

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  1. This seems to be overly confusing, Surely all anyone needs to do is check first name – Ben with all due respect doesn’t sound anything like Steve or Steven or even Stevo………

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