Michael Beale’s ‘biggest club in Scotland’ claim on Rangers

Michael Beale’s ‘biggest club in Scotland’ claim on Rangers
Beale doesn't have a lot of good news here sadly...

We didn’t touch on it earlier, leaving it for this one, but while Rangers manager Michael Beale’s claim that we’re the biggest club in Scotland is clearly entirely true, he said it specifically as a dig at our eastern friends across the city.

And we don’t mind a bit of needle, because their manager has sure played to the galleries over the 18 months or so since he’s been here by digging at our club, with headlines regularly expressing his little jabs across the city.

And we don’t mind that either – we’re not the snowflake generation which seems to resent any kind of comment with a bit of antagonism and takes to social media to express what a disgrace it is. Sure, we’ve made the occasional post about something one of them said, but it’s part and parcel of rivalry.

But Beale? We’ve never really cared too much about his comments. We know from past experience he’s flexible with the truth, and that’s fine – he can say what he likes, we’ll cover it diligently as a Rangers site but we won’t take it much beyond face value.

And this comment is designed to appeal to Rangers fans, wind up Celtic fans, and ultimately that’s it.

The stuff that mattered in that comment was the stuff about Scottish players. That’s what Rangers’ future is all about, not who the biggest in Scotland are (it’s Rangers of course).

Beale does have a big mouth, of that there’s no denying it – he spouted stuff at Loftus Road that he shouldn’t have, made claims he couldn’t keep, and is now the most hated man in that part of London, for right or for wrong.

He also won’t shut up about ‘taking the handbrake off’ and the sooner he dumps that very irritating epigram the better.

So you’ll forgive us if we’re not terribly interested in what Rangers’ new boss Michael Beale says, in terms of what it means to us. He is wont to play to galleries, and say things that aren’t necessarily true – which we’re definitely not judging him on.

What matters to us is Rangers and our results, performances coming in as a bonus. It was a good sign v Hibs, that we fought back from a horrible first half to deservedly win.

That’s what we’ll judge and measure our manager on, not on the piffle he’ll come out to the press with.

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