Michael Beale and Rangers deserve your complete and total support

Michael Beale and Rangers deserve your complete and total support
Rangers fans await kick off ahead of the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers fans absolutely have a right to our opinion – it is the bedrock of freedom of speech that all of us can air our views without fear of abuse or derision.

Which is not to say those two and others won’t greet that opinion – it invariably will. However, with a new manager at Ibrox, we made an observation last week at half time which shows how some fans aren’t helping our club and it’s time to stop the jeering.

As the half time whistle approached, the score was 1-2, and fans weren’t happy with that – Beale’s first 45 hadn’t gone well, and the booing began.

For all those fans who blame Ryan Kent, James Tavernier, James Sands, Leon King and others for the club’s previous malaise, how, exactly is booing them off going to help the situation? There is a real sense that as much as Rangers fans are the world’s best, currently some of us are letting the side down with a level of abuse and lack of support of a number of players, and it’s not just at Ibrox we’re hearing it.

Ibrox Noise daily gets a torrent of very negative comments about the likes of Kent, Kamara, Roofe, Barisic and a dozen others from fans who seem to have forgotten how to support.

Now, this is not us being hypocritical and saying we’re doing a 180 on our own previous criticism of Glen Kamara, but under Michael Beale this is a new slate, a completely blank page, and all previous bets are off.

Everyone gets a new chance to impress and prove themselves, and booing the players at Ibrox and attacking them mercilessly on social media isn’t really any better than the player himself under performing.

Some fans getting high and mighty about Ryan Kent’s apparent lack of effort (not actually true, incidentally) are themselves booing him and others as if that makes everything better and helps the situation.

‘We pay our money, we’re entitled to our opinion’ – ok, so we’ll have someone who bought your company’s products come into your place of work, stand next to you and criticise everything you do if you make a few errors, and you’ll be good with that. You’ll accept that and that the customer is entitled to abuse you at your place of work.

Of course, the world of football and real world are, indeed, a polar opposite, but there comes a time when Rangers need our fans to be 100% on the same side and not attacking the players constantly.

We include ourselves at Ibrox Noise in this, and since Beale came in we’ve tried to be more positive about the performances and players – we even praised Kamara v Hibs, despite not being his biggest fans!

So maybe it’s time to support the team come what may, and give Michael Beale and Rangers your unconditional backing.

We should not only be singing when we’re winning.

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