Johnson trolls Rangers over Gio & Beale as Hibs boss prepares to come to Ibrox

Johnson trolls Rangers over Gio & Beale as Hibs boss prepares to come to Ibrox
Beale on his debut as Rangers manager (Credit Rangers FC)

Hibs boss Lee Johnson has trolled Rangers in advance of his side coming to Ibrox, with some perfect material to stick up on the Govan dressing room door.

Defending Giovanni van Bronckhorst as a ‘good man who worked his socks off’ and who ‘shouldn’t have been fired’, while also claiming ‘Celtic are the best team in Scotland’, the Easter Road boss has lit the touch paper in lieu of his side’s visit to Govan, giving manager Michael Beale and the players the best incentive to hit the ground running.

It happens now and again in Scottish football, someone wants to make a bit of a name for themselves so trolls Rangers especially when they’re just about to face us, saying some incendiary anti-Rangers nonsense, criticising this or that.

And it’s part of football, part of the banter – those offended by Scottish Premiership midtable fodder coming in and attacking the club, the manager, or the players in any way really need to get out more – we at Ibrox Noise welcome the banter and aim to stick it straight back down Johnson’s throat come Thursday.

We, give or take, now know the team that will take the field next week, and given the fact Johnson has praised Celtic and criticised Rangers while defending the former manager who clearly, by the end, both wanted out and didn’t a clue or the dressing room any more, he clearly wants to spoil for a rumble.

And that suits us.

We do not take these trolls personally – why would we, football is filled with banter and digs and it’s part of the sport. But we know this world is different to how it used to be and is not only harsher than it once was, but is infinitely more of a snowflake.

So we’re sure plenty will froth at the mouth over this.

Us? We just want Rangers to win, and the players to use his words as fuel. There were certainly plenty of them, and rival managers know they’re provoking their opponent with jibes like these.

Over to you Rangers, teach them a lesson on Thursday.

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