Six names linked with Rangers job if Gio leaves

Six names linked with Rangers job if Gio leaves
BURNLEY, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 05: Sean Dyche, manager of Burnley, looks on during the Premier League match between Burnley and Watford at Turf Moor on February 05, 2022 in Burnley, England. (Photo by James Gill/Getty Images)

With Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s time at Rangers looking like it’s on a very shoogly peg indeed, Ibrox Noise takes you through all the main names being linked with replacing him.

There’s one or two of these, so hang onto your hats as the managerial roundabout gets going once again amid the surely inevitable end of the GVB era…

Steven Gerrard:

It’s just not happening, but his name is there purely because Villa fired him. Ibrox Noise got some abuse for reporting this story, based on a statement from major bookies Betfair, but that didn’t stop some fans raging. Anyway, Gerrard is about 99.99% certain not to come back and has been linked with Besiktas and Wigan lately. Good luck to both of those clubs.

Mick Beale:

Been linked back for the best part of two months, with QPR formerly soaring high in the Championship in the ex-Ibrox assistant’s maiden gig as formal manager, but that got a bit bumpy and the London Rangers are going through a rough spell without a win in 5 matches. He’d still be very popular at Ibrox, and hasn’t formally ruled it out.

Sean Dyche:

Like Gerrard the legendary ex-Burnley boss is out of work and is looking for a PL job again, but he admits if that path isn’t open to him he’ll look further afield and he would be interested in Rangers. He said he’s coming north to watch an Old Firm match. He’s tentatively thrown his hat in the Rangers ring there.

Kjetil Knutsen:

Current boss of FK Bodø/Glimt, and been linked with Rangers a while, particularly prior to Gio’s appointment, the Norwegian is hugely thought of in the game and has been outstanding in his homeland with Arsenal and Rangers legend Mikel Arteta blown away by the side during their recent UEL match. No idea if he’s the right fit for Rangers though.

David Martindale:

Let’s face it, he’s not the sexy glamour name many fans would want but a 40% win ratio at Livi with absolute pennies in his budget is impressive – his entire Livi spell has been pretty much loans and frees, and yet they’re absolutely solid under him. Whether the man could handle the absolute culture change to ‘win every match’ at Ibrox we don’t know, but he is one of us.

Kevin Thomson:

One a lot of fans like, and honestly we don’t know why. ‘Highly regarded at Ibrox and in the game’ yet can’t pronounce half the players’ names, and literally begged on RTV for someone to hire him but can do no better than Kelty (and Barry Ferguson considerably outperformed him there). He’s out of work for a reason and he’s not good enough for Rangers.

Ralph Hasenhuttl:

We reported this some time ago and it was blasted by most fans, but the ex-Southampton boss’s CV is actually pretty good, that Leipzig spell standing out. It went wrong at St Mary’s in the end but is he the worst manager out there? Far from it. He just doesn’t really have any major managerial achievements yet as a boss at the top levels to put on his resume.

There’s a few others like Scott Parker and suchlike, but the above are the main ones being mentioned.

If, that is, Gio departs Govan…

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  1. Beale or Dyche would be an absolute dream come true but can’t see Beale departing England so soon, Dyche, strong possibility

  2. I put David Martindale forward , and with no hesitation. He’s a proven manager at the level we need to win consistently , with no budget , no flash players but his tactical and football sense has seen him deliver . He knows all about Rangers Football Club having played at the lower levels of our club and he is one of us. We get caught up in the big name game which costs and delivers little, in our experience . Walter Smith started at a lower level as did Sir Alex Ferguson. I’m serious he’s the best in our shit league including the Aus Greek .

  3. Better with Jeremy. Beadle

    he would do a better job

    If in doubt get the next again day Bus driver Kevin the Tim Thomson

  4. I’m sorry Martindale should be no where near the club. His past is more tainted than the Tims 9 in a row. I can’t believe people are actually promoting this drug dealer.

  5. got to agree ,he should not be getting mentioned in the same breath as sir walter and alex and it simply will not happen .

  6. david martindale made a big mistake and then paid his debt to society…everyone is entitled to another chance in life…if we had him as manager he would tighten up our slack defence…he would take no shit from the players and i totally agree with BILL B as regards his attributes.

  7. Go to the bookies and put money on him becoming next manager .It wont happen wasting your time putting it out there tbh .
    From struth to …..martindale ffs !! hahahahaahahah
    Last out lock the gates please .

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