Rangers’ World Cup call ups are a huge fail for Ibrox chief Ross Wilson

Rangers’ World Cup call ups are a huge fail for Ibrox chief Ross Wilson
He's gone, but what is his legacy?

Rangers’ world cup contingent is, we must admit, a very sorry state of affairs, with just one Rangers player going to Qatar.

Now, while many fans have argued the ‘good, he won’t get injured then’ line, sadly players are probably safer in the Middle East at the world cup than at Ibrox at present, with our personnel dropping like flies. It’s also extremely selfish, and crushes the dreams of our players who would absolutely pray to represent their nation at the World Cup.

In the end, unless there’s a shock miracle for Scott Arfield and John Herdman picks up the phone to him, Rangers will have just Borna Barisic representing the club at this month’s controversial tournament, with the USA rejecting both of our candidates, and Antonio Colak being overlooked as well.

It’s a very poor reflection of our current squad that we have just one player there, when we had five at the Euros, and a damning indictment of the summer work that not a single player we signed in that window got a call up.

Of course, there’s a caveat – our guaranteed calls like Sweden (Helander), Romania (Hagi), Finland (Kamara) and Scotland (Jack and McCrorie) plus the maybes like Colombia (Morelos) and Zambia (Sakala) didn’t make it to Qatar, plus half of our squad is injured anyway so would have missed out regardless.

But end of the day just one player representing Rangers at Qatar really is a poor return for the club, given these players are representing their clubs as well as their countries at major championships, with clubs given so much credit for the good form the player might have.

It’s bad, no getting away from it, it’s the least representation we think Rangers have ever had pre-2012 and post 2018 at a massive tournament like this.

We can’t help but feel the man who takes responsibility for this is Ross Wilson and his signings and his window work.

This squad, without a shadow of a doubt, is notably weaker than it was this time last year and the players gone like Katic and Balogun seem to be the door of the sporting director who isn’t impressing too many these days.

World Cup may not mean something to everyone, but the players desperately want to be there. Tillman, Sands, Colak and probably Arfield will be absolutely gutted not to go.

Recruitment fell short, pure and simple.

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  1. Is it really a shock that only one of our players is going to world cup? we have been rank rotten this season and embarrasing in europe “earning” the tag worst team in CL ever .
    It is not ross wilsons fault they are not there ,I would suggest they go get a large mirror look in it and ask themselves ” could I have given more this season so far ,is it good enough ?” .
    I think we all know the answer .
    Who cares about the world cup anyway ,all about the rangers for me .

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