Rangers’ board rested completely on their laurels and now look at us

Rangers’ board rested completely on their laurels and now look at us
The man at the top was part of the problem....

There is a lot of soul-searching going on right now among Rangers fans, with supporters divided over the blame game.

Some attribute it to ‘Clueless Gio’, the man who got us our first Scottish Cup in an age plus a European final.

Some blame the players, who gave the earth the moon and the stars last season and lost the two best of them in the summer.

And some blame the board, for not supporting Gio, Ross Wilson being finger-pointed the most while others are deeply unhappy with Douglas Park.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle of this.

But Ibrox Noise points you to early 2021, and a message we preached to you, the readers, but mainly to the board. That message was simple, as we won 55:

‘Don’t do a Liverpool. Please, sign quality this summer, don’t rest with what we have, and don’t get complacent.’

Liverpool, after that historic title, completely flunked the season afterwards and choked the league, injuries not helping, but then they had Jurgen Klopp. Many looked at them and pointed out they’d won the league so arrogantly that they’d completely rested on their laurels.

We begged our board not to do the same.

What did we get?

We got a bunch of extra and unneeded shirts, we got fans being ripped off by the club, we got no signings worth a damn in the summer, we got hysteria over MyGers, and then a ludicrous amount of hype over 150 years plus a horrible gold crest we didn’t even recognise. Then the worst flag day in the club’s history.

We had a board with no interest in keeping the football side thriving and determined to make every penny out of the fans, leaving it to Beale and Gerrard to work miracles and pray they could move mountains with a £5 budget.

It collapsed horribly, and left us with very little. We’d very much done a Liverpool.

This current malaise is a year and a half in the making – it’s a club and board who didn’t follow up 55 with the TLC it and the club, especially the fans, deserved. They took us and our money for granted, exploited the situation rather than embracing the achievement and driving on and now look at us.

Humiliated in Europe and sinking fast in the league.

Don’t get us wrong, the players have given up too, but it’s been a slow decay – they didn’t start the season with zero effort, they did try, but after a while, it’s fallen away along with half the players to injury.

And the manager’s composure has derailed entirely, going from a man we trusted entirely to a misguided leader, desperately saying don’t panic while utterly unsure how to stop the rot.

But the board is the main culprit. And we’ve not even touched on the constant fights they pick with everyone either. Or the diabolical media charge they forced on media groups who should have a right to access to the club for free like every other team.

We could go on.

Gio is not innocent, the players are far from it either, but the rot begins in the foundations and that’s the board.

They absolutely flunked it.

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  1. I think you are correct, I would say the manager and his team are also complacent. We are back to being a laughing stock in Scottish and unfortunately European Football. Both on and off the field they have totally wasted all of our progress . It hurts so much , and I hope the Rangers fans make that heard by whatever means . There is no money for transfers there is no money to pay off GVB and his team. We don’t need more silly debt. It’s a mess , I fear they’ll walkaway with a treble its the worst .

  2. This is all,ifs buts or maybes. If we had a fan in the board room it would end once and for all of the above. We were told that no one person would be in charge ever again. In my opinion Dave King was 100% correct in saying this. Unfortunately we currently have DONALD PARK, who is running the board room, he’s also made it very clear that NO fans group will be in the board room, club 1872 have been wanting to meet him. His reply is NOTHING, JUST PROVES THE POINT THAT THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE CLUB,THE SUPPORTERS MEAN NOTHING TO HIM.ITS WRONG AND SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. WATP RTID ❤️ 🤍 💙

  3. The fact we still field starting 11s featuring Macgregor, Davis and Arfield underscores what you say.

    We should’ve been actively looking to move on the stars of the Gerrard side while at their peak value, so we could reinvest in the squad. Now we’re left with de-motivated players running down deals and largely worthless.

  4. I think our board and their board are guilty of totally underestimating the situation up here .
    Lets be honest ,if they had not been so complacent across the road ,would we have won our title to stop 10 iar ? .
    That is debatable tbh ,they could have went out and spent big to make sure ,but thought they were far too good and kept the money in the bank .
    As it turns out 28 million which chunky got straight away to buy players ,while gvb got 500000 and a mars bar .
    I still think that was poor and may be coming home to roost now .
    The next manager requires 20 million at least in january to build a decent team for next year ,on his OWN players I may add ……

  5. I think the money people have taken a return before the American consortium put a bid in and that’s where the cash for players has went. We reportedly had well over £100 million last season,all we ask is where the cash went,what was it used on obviously not players. The bank should be paid off and we should be healthy the best for years tbh. But no money trail,no movement in the transfer market(really) all one way traffic. The dressing room pre match and half time talks obviously are going into some of the players you can tell who’s playing for the Jersey and who’s just turning up to work cause they have too. We need more transparency from the board to let us know what’s happening, what their mindset is and their plans for our future. Its so frustrating watching when it’s part of your soul and some players just don’t get that imo.

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