“Out of his depth at this level – 3” Rangers players rated v Ajax

“Out of his depth at this level – 3” Rangers players rated v Ajax
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 01: Rangers captain James Tavernier applauds the fans during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and AFC Ajax at Ibrox Stadium on November 01, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers were once again put in their place in the UCL, against a average Ajax who the hosts made look like Real Madrid.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for another woeful Champions League match and the end of Rangers in Europe:


Fair play he actually made a couple of decent saves. If not for him it would have been worse. Couldn’t do a thing about any of the goals. 6


Don’t let the penalty fool you, Tav has been a disgrace in the UCL. He’s cost Rangers countless goals and contributed little at the other end. He should not be Rangers captain and once again was found wanting for the opening goal. Leader my backside. 2


Was a bit loose for the second goal but fools rush in. Overall a decent enough display (superb passing) under dire circumstances and the best defender we had but has no partnership or understanding with King. Who does? 4


Painfully and shockingly out of his depth at this level, abysmal for the second goal but he’s 18. What can we expect from a kid who’s not even ready. Shouldn’t have been put in this position. 3


Had a bit of effort about him and tried to get crosses in but none got close to accuracy. Defensively ok, once again his side was reasonably tight. 4


We’re going to shock you because Davis was probably our best player on the night. He used the ball well, had a decent link up with Arfield, and snuffed out quite a few Ajax attacks. We’ve given him dog’s abuse in recent weeks for his performances but he did show up tonight. 6


Also not a bad night from Scotty, worked as hard as he could and it was obvious his level was above many of his team mates. Nearly scored. 5


Took him 12 minutes to touch the ball, but he actually ended up a reasonably lively performer. Won a lot of fouls, and once again he put in plenty of crosses. He’ll get more abuse from fans again because he’s Ryan Kent, but he was not bad tonight. 5


Another getting dog’s abuse for no effort, yet more than once he was back defending and he tried to make things happen up front. He’ll get utter criticism but once more, he definitely wasn’t poor. 5


You’ve been waiting for this one. All the effort in the world but absolutely zero quality, once again. Just like Saturday, the same performance, but against Ajax it exposes how completely terrible he actually is. He can run and dribble till the cows come home but at the end of it there’s nothing, zero product. Two shots, none on target, 6 crosses, one accurate. The guy will never stop working but there’s nothing to show for any of it. Is that what we aspire to now? 4


One early burst into the box was all he had – got no service, and Colak needs service. Touched the ball only 12 times. 2



Tidy on the ball but didn’t make any impact on the match. 4


Tried as he always does, like Sakala, there was nothing at the end of it. 4


Tried 4 passes, only one of them found someone, but hey, he won a penalty. 4


His Rangers career these days was summed up with this one – made all the work, like Sakala, but utterly lacks the quality. Missed yet another open goal. Embarrassing. 3


Just good to see him back.


Gio’s hands were tied here, but in fairness to him, his team actually produced a marginally better display than other UCL fixtures. Equally though, Ajax, who are painfully poor this season, were made to look world beaters. Rangers have a mile to go to match even third in the UCL group stage and Gio wasn’t shy in saying so pre-match. His subs didn’t really make any difference but we do wonder what else he could possibly have done tonight to give his team a chance. Did find a way to make Steven Davis work and we do commend him for that. 5

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  1. If Gio still has a job by Sunday, l will be absolutely stunned, but then again, he is about to get a big payoff for getting his P45 so at least he will be happy whilst many of us are forming a queue at the Kingston bridge overlooking the Clyde

  2. Who would you go for seb ? bearing in mind at least half the team out and no transfer window for the new guy to spend money /ship out the shit .
    He is taking over an utter shambles .

  3. It’s about time that the club started to give gvb,some descent amount of money if not get another manager but just for starters get a descent Right Back.

  4. I’m sorry but what everyone seems to forget is that Rangers players though do well in Scotland are basically players from the lower leagues of Europe where as these players cost Rangers £1or 2 million pounds the teams from Europe have players worth 10s of millions and 1 or player from a euro team cost more than the whole Rangers club together and that includes the club infrastructure

  5. Spot on once again with you’re comments? SAKALA . Isn’t the best but he was doing Taverniers job as well while he jogged about the park ? Need to send you’re post to the Manager

  6. I cannot understand the attitude to Gio for gods sake we have 4 of our central defenders out what did you expect and I’m Pretty sure that Gio didn’t bring in the Players it’s been bad from Ross Wilson helander Souttar constantly injured we should have kept Balogun it was just cost cutting to get rid of him and Katic we were in with the Big Boys and we buy crap. I’m Hurting as much as anyone. Keep the faith RTID

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