Media embarrassment takes VERY different angles on Rangers & Celtic

Media embarrassment takes VERY different angles on Rangers & Celtic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Rangers fans show their support during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

It must be said the Scottish media really have shown their true colours the past two months, as if we hadn’t already sussed it.

Yes, we’re fully aware of how rotten Rangers’ UCL campaign was, but after our eastern rivals themselves got horsed yet again in the competition, the media fails miserably to slate them but instead takes the magnanimous approach of praising their manager and portraying him as bold.

True, Gio wasn’t exactly expansive in some of his tactics, but the results and performances were mostly exactly the same as our Glasgow rivals, yet the MSM north of the border absolutely slated the players and the manager while managing to praise that lot for pretty much the same results.

Yes, thanks to the two draws with the abysmal Shakthar they didn’t concede as many as Rangers, but their overall record is identical.

And yet our press has nothing but praise or constructive criticism of their campaign, while extolling Stavros’ virtues, simultaneously slaughtering Rangers and Gio for what amounted to barely being any worse than them.

Yes, we were very, very bad, but we scored one goal from open play and a penalty. Celtic scored one goal from open play, a penalty and a deadball free kick.

The campaigns were, frankly, exactly the same, yet somehow Celtic were the pride of Scotland according to our delusional press while Rangers shamed it?!

Are you actually kidding me? We get that there’s a real bias in the press, a pro-Celtic emphasis that will always big them up where possible, but to find any positives from their campaign while smearing Rangers’ is just completely ridiculous.

Let’s be clear – both were shocking. Abysmal. While Rangers were the only ones to actually win a single consequential match in Europe this season (actually two of them) nevertheless in the competition phase, both clubs were horrific.

To find any positives from either is pandering to paymasters, and completely embarrassing. Celtic conceded less goals than Rangers, and in a considerably easier group. While Ajax and Liverpool are pretty woeful this season, both are still stronger than Donetsk and Leipzig, by a distance, and Napoli are in far better form than Real, who managed to lose and draw one in a **** easy group.

So, any positives from either campaign are just clutching at straws.

But hey, the media will always find something good about Celtic.

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  1. Well said ,I could not believe what I was reading this morning ,they way thd media promoted praise for them .
    The previous day leckie said we were basically a shameful embarrasment,
    I would tend to agree,about BOTH . however it does seem thd media are having a love in with chunky and his team .I will go with the more impartial Spanish media view , they were light miles away from Madrid and were both laughable and embarrasing celebrating at end because of a late goal , according to reports…🙄😂

  2. Both headlines sum up the rest versus the Famous “Bold by the rotten mob” when they actually got humped , “Spirited by the Jambos” when they too got gubbed . We had the hardest of all groups , we stuffed Liepzig , we beat most of the Teams that qualified for the Europa PSV etc. But do the green snp media say any of that no. Its the way it is US vThe Rest .WATP GSTK

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