Four men named who could replace Gio van Bronckhorst at Rangers

Four men named who could replace Gio van Bronckhorst at Rangers
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 06: Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal embraces Kjetil Knutsen, Head Coach of FK Bodo/Glimt prior to the UEFA Europa League group A match between Arsenal FC and FK Bodo/Glimt at Emirates Stadium on October 06, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

While Giovanni is now clearly a dead man walking, Ibrox Noise is being inundated with our nomination requests from readers and our community wanting to know who we want him replaced with.

We sarcastically replied to one chap pointing out we’d strongly wanted Gio in the first place so we weren’t sure our view was exactly reliable, but equally the man did win us the cup and gave us Seville. So he’s clearly not been a fail.

But this season has, an epic, horrendous, abhorrent shambles, in which we can’t quite fathom how we managed to overcome both USG and PSV to make the UCL group phase. So many readers say “Sevilla and UCL qualification to ‘this’” and you can’t blame them one bit.

But who would we choose over Gio? One of our loyal readers suggested David Martindale, whether intentioned as a temporary safe pair of hands or long term – and Martindale has indeed been impressive at Livingston, and most certainly is one of us. Whether the man could handle the almost blinding pressure at Rangers we’re less sure, because the demands at the club are so intense it breaks even the strongest men.

The truth is, with this squad, this pile of injuries, and this board, and likely no money in January yet again, we’re not actually sure – there is of course the predictable Mick Beale requests in there too and while he may be destined to come back one day, he rejected Wolves recently so we’re not too sure he wants Rangers just now either. His stock at QPR has also plummeted – he hasn’t won for 6 matches, with Loftus Road now seeing its place in the Championship tumble from first to 7th.

Who else? There’s the mention of FK Bodø/Glimt man Kjetil Knutsen, who was linked before Gio got the gig, but his Norwegians are some distance behind Molde so his stock is also wavering as well.

And of course Steven Gerrard. Just no.

If we had to pick one of these, yeah, it would probably be Beale, given the fact he’s technically already been manager before he left. He’d 100% come back, but maybe not just yet.

But hey, what do we know?

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  1. Bring in Mc Coist & Kenny miller till the end of season, also would consider having fergie & wee tommo around the place.big Alex might be another short term solution along with souness.

  2. Scrap Ross Wilson and those responsible for all those under achieving players they have brought to Ibrox, and replace them with scouts who have the club at heart. Those scouts who recognise talented players, and at the same time do not fill players agents pockets with supporters hard earned money.

  3. Sean dyche ,proven manager at the top level ,the time for taking chances and inexperienced coaches or “names” has been unsuccessful.
    We need our football team run properly ,with no DOF .
    Waste of a wage imo .

  4. He threw away a 6 point lead at christmas last year, lead us to worst ever champions league position, including losing 6 goals in one half, pumped twice at chamber of secrets, 9 points behind in league in November. That’s a fail and if it had been Gerrard that is exactly what you lot would be shouting from the rooftops. As for your nonsense about the gap between Europa and champions league and Frankfurt being worst than PSV and not able to compete either. They got 10 pounts and qualified. Leipzig and Dortmund also qualified.
    Just admit when you’re wrong.

  5. Thing is with dyche ,he is a totally different animal to gio ,people are saying bring in this or that to be his assistant .
    If he comes in he will bring his own men on his own terms and will want complete control over transfers ,thats why he probably will not get job ,unfortunatley .
    If it is another yes man just happy to be there and toe the party line ,might as well just shut the front gates over .

  6. I would like to give a chance to Duncan Ferguson and Michael Beale these guys would sort the players into shape and maybe get some of the dead wood we have and give a chance to some of the young guns (eg) Lovelace McCann Lowry McCrorie

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