Just how close are Rangers to a takeover?

Just how close are Rangers to a takeover?
The man at the top was part of the problem....

There’s so much in the press about takeovers, investments, and new owners such as Miami-based Kyle Fox that Ibrox Noise wanted to ask: just how realistic is a takeover?

The answer is ‘very’ but it relies on one simple thing:

Loan repayment.

These board members aren’t going anywhere until they get their loans back, and we know the likes of the Park family certainly have put in soft loans. Dave King indeed, back in the day, rather boasted of doing that, of single-handedly putting 6-figure and even 7-figure loans into the club and being the major source of finance, but pretty much all the directors have done it too.

And it’s rarely to never investment, because Rangers aren’t particularly profitable, meaning these suits would be losing their money.

No, a loan means you ‘invest’ the cash but you get it back, unlike investment where the chances of getting a return with Rangers these days are basically close to nil.

So claims from clickbait outlets that Fox can’t do a takeover because shareholders will be unwilling to sell are based on hot air – if she can find enough to give current holders a profit, they will sell. The question isn’t the willing to sell, it’s whether she really has funds or not.

But that’s for her and her company to deal with, in the here and now, Rangers’ board is most definitely up for selling its shares if a reputable buyer is found.

This board has most certainly served its time, and the fact Douglas Park, as well over two and a half years in the role has NEVER spoken to RTV one to one far less the press tells you everything you need to know about his motives. He did find a few words after we won 55 alongside John Bennett but that’s about the only time Douglas Park has ever spoken aside AGM 2020 material. Yes, we know he is far from comfortable talking to the press/camera, but that’s his problem not ours.

Indeed, aside that little charm offensive a month or two ago with Robertson, Bisgrove and Bennett having a wee chat to various different controlled outlets (including Rangers’ own) there’s really been very little.

So, how close to a takeover? Unless this board comes out and tells us they are in this for the long haul and drastically change how the club is operated, very close indeed.

We just couldn’t tell you who.

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  1. Definatley time for change at the club at the very top ,we need a more engaging board ,not merely wanting our cash and worrying about cinch being advertised at the club ffs .
    There are far more pressing matters at the club ,which just are not getting dealt with .
    I am pretty sure not one fan gives a flying fuck about cinch etc and far more concerned with our results ,signings ,injuries ,and our seemingly half interested coach more interested than his apparent large pay off now .

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