Has Gio just saved his job at Rangers?

Has Gio just saved his job at Rangers?
Rangers' Dutch manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst (L) shakes hands with Napoli's Argentinian forward Giovanni Simeone (2nd R) next to Napoli's Italian coach Luciano Spalletti (C) after the UEFA Champions League Group A second leg football match between SSC Napoli and Rangers FC at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples on October 26, 2022. (Photo by Andreas SOLARO / AFP) (Photo by ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP via Getty Images)

So, has Gio done enough to save his Rangers job?

Gio before the match told his players don’t be fearful…well I have to say, ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

All Gio’s talk about the team showing character only matters if you set up the team in the correct way, and finally, only after four matches did Gio finally learn you cannot put five at the back.

So, did Rangers did play better in Italy. Well, we did actually got the ball in the opponent’s half in the first half; or is the perception that we played better just down to the fact anything would be better than the diarrhea we’ve had to endure.

So, after five successive gubbings is it time for Rangers to get rid of Gio?

Last night, we were only two down in the first 25 minutes, but being honest the score could have easily been 4 nil, and Napoli were cruising, because they have far tougher matches coming up.

In my view, this is Gio’s mess. Gio was the one who told our players to be scared, and Gio then set up our team to lose, by putting five at the back.

Yesterday, he finally told the team it was OK to be brave, and he decided to ditch the back five, but he only did that because he knows he’s been rumbled.

However, by the time Gio finally gave our team the OK to play football, and not sit back for 90 minutes, it’s just not easy for players to change.

Players have to practice, to know exactly where their teammates are going to be, and where they are moving to and they need to be confident.

Players can’t suddenly do something a Rangers manager has not practiced for four months.

And here’s a question:

Do you know what the difference is between a coach, and a manager?

Just stop and think before continuing…


A coach picks players up, and he takes them on a journey, and along the journey they become better players.

A manager just tells players to play, and then he blames them when things go wrong.

What was telling was Napoli changed to a back five after they went ahead, to save energy, and Rangers still could hardly get a shot on goal.

Before Gio, we used to have a coach.

Gio is a manager. And he has already said Rangers can only compete in the Champions League if he is given the same budget as Liverpool.

So let us know. Is it time for Gio to go, or do we keep with him and get more of the same next year…if we somehow manage to qualify.

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  1. Think he’s been a great servant to the club but unfortunately his race is run here. He doesn’t seem to be able to instil any kind of hunger or fire in the team which is very clear when the team comes out after half time with no motivation that you’d have seen even last year with Gerrard (not saying he’s any better than gio) but I think it’s time to go.

  2. Good piece Derek, he’s done in my opinion. We are worse than when Gerrard left. It’s shapeless clueless and gutless. Dutch possession football is only good when you have technical players with high skill. Unfortunately we have none of those . Our level and aims should always be to win the league anything better is a bonus. GVB was a great player and probably a reasonable manager in a lesser team than the Famous , but no use to us at this juncture or going forward. This club needs a Walter Smith type manager with a crtical idea of how to win the league and cups . The other change has to be at board level Mr Park needs to step down and young Park too.and our CEO along with Wilson. If the external investment is geniune then it needs to be investigated seriously . The whole agenda needs to be directed at winning this league , as the rotten mob have done that needs to happen as our key focus . A good in depth solid team with cover and quality , fitness and belief which GVB doesn’t seem to get , or is being prevented from doing so. If you look at us now compared to 55 we have definitely gone backwards, or as GVB like to the side, to the side.

  3. Give Gio to the end of the season and review it then he is hamstrung with injuries to key players and was badly let down by the board in the transfer window. We are at the moment a Europa league and are also hindered by the league we play in. Sacking Gio is easy but who would we get I can see no obvious replacements Dyche won’t come. It is too soon for Beale I was in a debate with some bears and 2 of them said Derek McInnnes at which time I nearly choked on my pint. If anyone can come up with a serious name who would come then let me know. After the world cup a lot of key players should be back and there is a transfer window. This is the last chance saloon for the board Wilson and the manager. If no improvement then the planning can be put in place for major changes in the summer where big money must be spent and it will goodbye to stalwarts like McGregor Jack Arfield and Tavernier.

    • Ide take stevie back in a minute he left as was told by our shambles of a board told him no more money to spend, he came to rangers to a depleted team no board nothing my opinion only

  4. Eck , This is not a one man show ,Gio brought in a back room staff supposedly of outstanding criteria gettig paid big wages .let all stand up and be counted

  5. What a load of pish you spout,our first time in the champions league for how long???in comparison with Richard Branson, we are del boy trotter. We need to play it every season to progress.

  6. We all need to calm down and get behind our team and the manager. We all knew we don’t have the quality in this Rangers team to take on the likes of Ajax, Liverpool and Napoli but fair dues we expected more commitment and fight than we got.
    Personally I think a lot of the problems are through the recruitment side of things and has the manager been given enough money to buy decent quality players.
    The injury side of things has been horrendous but hopefully this will improve. I think we should give Gio more time to sort things out.

  7. We had good coach in Michael Beale, Stephen took him to Villa now has his first managers job at QPR he turned down WOLVES i thnk, could we tempt him back to ibrox

    • Some fans say he’s lost the dressing room,
      Some fans say he should get till the end of the season,
      Let’s put this into perspective.
      We lost the league cup semifinal when he was sitting in the stand twiddling his thumbs,
      We were 6pts clear at the top of the league when he took over and still lost the league.
      We had a decent run in Europe to the final with Gerrards players and lost on penalties,
      We won the Scottish Cup (all be it in extra time)
      League Cup final he realistically couldn’t do anything about it.
      12 point swing in league definitely his doing.
      We probably should have won the europa final if we had a striker available OH Wait we did but he wouldn’t play him.
      Everything about our team has went backwards under Gio I certainly wouldn’t give him anymore time as manager. He was a decent player for us but nowhere near good enough to be our manager.
      If we don’t act soon we’ll be too far behind in all competitions.
      Gio’s time is over.

  8. He must go asap so the new guy has a few months b4 the jan window.he has decimated the team,no fitness,no hunger,no tactics hes lost the team & fans..just how bad must it get for the board to act?we have been shit since he came,it was gerrards team in the europa league & then luck..pure luck got us to the group stages becoz we should have lost both ties..hes actually cost us tens of millions because morelos,kamara,tav,barisic & kent r all now worth a fraction of what they were under gerrard.so any futile argument of look how much money hes got us by qualifying(gerrards players mostly)is offset by all the money hes cost us by playing players out of position & sucking any life out of them by playing boring,predictable,dull,awful football where he thinks playing out from ur own byeline & having 20 passes from touchline 2 touchline not even making it past ur own 18 yard line & then realizing ur blocked in & pumping it up the park anyway is football?so their value has plummeted & they now look bang average.he was signed as a knee jerk reaction to gerrard leaving & the board must take full responsibility for it,he was never gonna be good enough for us with his poor managerial record & its been a major mistake by the board which they need to grow a pair & rectify it before a truly terrible season spills into a truly terrible 3 or 4 seasons…which,looking at our players just now,it very well could be!which would be criminal after we fought for a decade to get back to the top & the board sat back & did nothing as it crumbled apart in front of them,after 1 season!!sack Gio,Ross Wilson & Donald Park & beg Dave King to come back & save us again!!

  9. No Gio has to stay. we can’t keep sacking managers or head coaches. The fault lies with the team in my opinion. Gio got us to Scottish Cup final which we won and final of #UEL. This season board hardly gave any money for players and how much say did gio get in who was bought. We got some free transfers AGAIN and only decent player bought was Colak. at start of season we had 11 men on pitch and 11 on the bench and then the injured of course couple taking more than a year to get back to fitness and then injured again. it’s not Gio’s fault, the board is to blame spending money on the new buildings they want finished. Will be interesting to see how much money there is for January window to buy what’s needed. that’s 8 games played in Champions league, not sure what that brings in but we were never going to compete with the club’s we were drawn with. I keep saying bring back Dave King, but Parks will not have it, King has money to burn at Ibrox to help win us league this season. Parks need to go along with the cronies, who are holding us back.

  10. Has he saved his job,or have the players finally acknowledged they owe the fans and the manager.
    I’m the first to admit that our football hasn’t been great, ut I believe the players must take a lot of the blame for the negative football we play,we play to safe.Trying to keep the stats up,as opposed to taking a gamble and creating.
    Manager is good, players not good enough.

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