Gio effectively ‘quits’ as Rangers manager is on the brink

Gio effectively ‘quits’ as Rangers manager is on the brink
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Livingston FC at on October 22, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has indirectly quit after confirming the end is coming following another dismal Rangers performance.

Speaking after today’s atrocity v Livingston, Rangers’ boss conceded for the first time that if he cannot turn this around, he will be out of a job, in words which strongly echo, ironically, that of predecessor Steven Gerrard before the Liverpool icon was sacked by Aston Villa this week.

It has become clear, whether we like and respect the man or not, that Gio is looking unlikely to be the figure to turn Rangers’ fortunes around, albeit he has not exactly been supported by the board or Ross Wilson, and the players have been absolutely ghastly for the majority this season.

Aside Antonio Colak, and at a push Scott Arfield, there have been absolutely no performers in the shirt this season, making the manager’s job even harder than it would have been, meaning that on top of the boss being unable to get any more from the squad, the players are as responsible as anyone else for the malaise.

The rot that began this season at Easter Road has simply grown, and while there’s been individually good displays (two in fact, St Mirren and PSV) aside the exceptions it’s clear the squad isn’t going to deliver on many if any fronts this term, and the manager has no ability to change it.

Sadly, it’s echoing what happened in Holland, when his superb period of winning trophies at Feyenoord came to a shuddering halt and his system became ‘found out’ before he moved on.

Fundamentally? His football, as Steven Gerrard’s became, like Warburton’s as well… is boring. Ghastly, horribly boring, and deeply ineffective, with its slow and ponderous overpassing and lack of aggression.

Gio himself is admitting now he’s not the man to fix it, but he is still going to try.

In short, he is unlikely to quit, and more likely to be fired. But then, that will cost a hefty payoff given his contract is long. And we’d imagine our extremely ‘generous’ board will be enthusiastic to pay that out…

We still like him, he’s a good Rangers man, but this season his tenure isn’t working out, be it caused by the board or not.

Like it or not, Gio’s time is coming to an end.

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  1. I fear what Napoli are going to do to us midweek. I supported him last season wanted to give time but we have gone backward on a near weekly basis his time is up and I think he will be gone by the time the world cup starts.

  2. We seem to be repeating history with Gio as with his previous managerial employment. With Rangers, week in and out same set up. Along the back 4 to the wings, pass back inside, cross into penalty box headed out by defence. Back out to other wing same tactics and headed out by defence. So predictable every defence knows in advance our tactics.
    He isn’t the man to challenge Celtic I’m afraid and to get continually hammered reminds me of Pedro.

  3. Gio said it was a step up in champions League we no that but we should be making a better account of ourselves instead of getting hammered
    Kent etc should be dropped and living of previous displays and his tactics are sus

  4. I have always thought that a team echos their managers personality ,rangers just look predictable and bland now much like gios interviews .
    I would have to add I do not think it is ALL his fault ,with some players clearly not giving their all in the blue shirt for him ,much like villa under gerry .
    I watched them yesterday and all busting a nut 4 nil vicotory ,these players much like the ones at rangers, currently guilty of it ,are a DISGRACE to their profession ,and you all know who i mean .
    If gio leaves they must follow as I for one will not cheer these scumbags who have cheated the fans paying good money, and gifting them another title ! .

  5. Give the man a chance his only fault I sticking by certain players who are under achieving come on gio bin them and give the kids a chance sometimes you have to take a step back to go 3 forward I’ve been going to ibrox since 1944 and what hurts me most is the clowns that boo the team so let’s all get behind the team WATP

  6. I would like to see him stay , and get rid of some of the player’s who are not giving it a 100% And get the young ones on, at least they will have a go , and play for the shirt . Shankill Ray 👽

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