Rangers players blank the media amid fallout

Rangers players blank the media amid fallout
Tav facing the music after Hibs....

There’s still a bit of wreckage to sift through from the weekend, and we’re hoping today is going to be the last of it, in lieu of a triumphant and morale-boosting win in Holland on Wednesday.

But unfortunately, we have to draw attention to the utter shambles of not a single Rangers player facing the media after Saturday’s embarrassing capitulation in the east end of Glasgow.

We’ve given the captain a TONNE of credit and support this season, and he has represented us when things went wrong (faced the media after Hibs), but this… this was a doozy.

And no one from the playing staff had the balls to come out and say sorry.

You know who we’re actually most upset with? Steven Davis.

He’s supposed to be the great elder statesman of our playing squad, the one we must all respect and admire because he’s so good, but have you EVER seen his face when there was a bad result?

He was as rotten as anyone at the weekend and he was nowhere to be seen. Looking through our archives, he last represented us after a loss 3 and a half years ago, at Parkhead, funnily enough.

Since then, not a beep when the result went against us.

Tavernier, at least, did face the music v Hibs, but not a thing from him after Parkhead.

Not a thing from any of them.

Don’t get us wrong – we’d have slaughtered them no matter what they said, but at least we can give them credit for taking it on the chin. Like Scotty did, like Tav himself has done, like Goldson infamously did v Hibs (although he more deflected it onto his team mates’ chins).

But this time?

Could hear a penny drop.

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  1. Tav goes missing most times when the shit hits the fan …and it very much did saturday .I seem to remember he was missing and goldson wheeled out for the contraversial interview after hibs trouncing .

  2. Clearly there is a distinct lack of leadership in the dressing room and on the pitch.
    Controversial comment coming here but i feel its time we took the captaincy away from Tav.

    And my choice? John Lundstram

  3. Would anyone want to talk after a defeat.
    Pretty sure they are even more gutted than we all are.
    Tav has been great for us,Goldson is a blame,ducks when a ball comes towards him in the box.
    We were scared out there and Celtic knew that after 15 minutes.
    When we aren’t allowed to boss a game we need to prepare for that scenario in the league.
    We do it in Europe and very successful it’s been too.
    BUT in the SPFL it’s helter skelter. We have to learn to adapt in Scottish football.

  4. They were terrible tav wos lost didn’t have a glue he wos ripped to seeds one player gave his Hart and hand briyent crosses with the ball now one there which ant riet barasich but we carry on

  5. No wonder that they are all hideing 🤡 . After the preformed on Saturday I would be hideing as well, and if I was Geno I would take a few weeks wage’s from the side that didn’t even try to win at Celtic 😔 and give it to
    the fans who DID , turn up and let them drowned there sorrows for watching that nightmare on Saturday 😵 Shankill Ray ✋

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