Rangers fans react to Napoli decision as police and UEFA take over

Rangers fans react to Napoli decision as police and UEFA take over
Rangers fans look on anxiously during the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers fans are reacting to the Police and UEFA decision to shift the Napoli match by one day in order to accommodate police duties with Her Majesty’s final journey along with the Davis Cup starting on Tuesday.

Of course, this is an unprecedented situation so there is no way to judge ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ on it given there’s nothing to compare it with in the modern age, but one source of frustration for many fans is the last-minute change in schedule has robbed a great deal of them the chance to attend.

One fan explained that he’d booked the evening off work to attend tomorrow, and now cannot go at all given he’s working on the Wednesday instead to get the Tuesday off!

And this kind of story is the problem – so many fans, who at least will get their money back, would have rather been able to go to the game.

Was there a better solution?

Well, as we say above, this wasn’t Rangers’ fault (for once). This was a police and UEFA call which went over the club’s jurisdiction and it’s hard to blame them – what else could they actually have done?

The one big blot is the loss of away fans. The reason given for banning them is the loss of police presence due to the Davis Cup and Her Majesty but of course there are plenty of them already here or already travelling. This was only announced yesterday so plenty of Italians are either here already or left their homeland on Sunday.

So we have to say that side of it is a bit of a mess.

Could it all have been handled better?

Since when do authorities ever handle things well these days?

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